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    @crackmod israel
    if you want a supermall there, try using this mod

    17. červenec 2020
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    this is incredibly cool!

    14. červenec 2020
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    here is a fix for the first person ironsights
    find weaponcombatpdw.meta and make the following changes
    <FirstPersonScopeOffset x="0.000000" y="0.025000" z="0.015000" />
    <FirstPersonScopeRotationOffset x="-0.300000" y="0.000000" z="0.000000" />

    06. červenec 2020
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    here are the settings I use to align the sites for first person scoped in aiming, for the heavy pistol version
    in update/update.rpf/dlc_patch/mpbusiness/common/data/ai
    edit the file weaponheavypistol.meta

    so that these lines read
    <FirstPersonScopeOffset x="0.000500" y="0.000000" z="0.001000" />
    <FirstPersonScopeRotationOffset x="0.000000" y="0.000000" z="0.000000" />

    05. červenec 2020
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    here are the settings I use to fix first person iron sight using the acog scope.
    <FirstPersonScopeOffset x="0.00000" y="0.0100" z="-0.0005" />

    05. červenec 2020
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    First Person Ironsights fix
    <FirstPersonScopeOffset x="0.00000" y="0.0700" z="-0.0345" />
    <FirstPersonScopeRotationOffset x="-0.45000" y="0.0000" z="0.0000" />

    05. červenec 2020
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    First Person Scope fix, for unfolded version
    <FirstPersonScopeOffset x="0.00000" y="0.1000" z="0.0160" />
    <FirstPersonScopeRotationOffset x="-1.17500" y="0.0000" z="0.0000" />

    04. červenec 2020
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    Go into Setup2.xml
    change the following lines to match the below
    <order value="69" />
    <isLevelPack value="false" />
    This will fix the textures on the outside

    Fixing Crashing (if you drive too far away from the burgerking you will crash)
    Delete the following files in meta.rpf

    The orignal mod author (IV Burgershot Interior) says these files can cause crashing and to delete them. They also cause crashing with this mod.

    I think you should update the setup2.xml and maybe include instructions saying to delete vb_03.ymap and vb_03_strm_0.ymap

    04. červenec 2020
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    First person view aiming fix
    <FirstPersonScopeOffset x="0.00150" y="0.0800" z="-0.0152" />
    <FirstPersonScopeRotationOffset x="-0.40000" y="0.0000" z="0.0000" />

    04. červenec 2020
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    here are some settings to fix the first person view
    <FirstPersonScopeOffset x="0.0010" y="-0.0400" z="-0.0011" />
    <FirstPersonScopeRotationOffset x="0.40" y="0.0000" z="0.0900" />

    04. červenec 2020