2009 Lenco bearcat ELS-ARES[EXTEND]



[ELS]Lenco bearcat By-Officer-Tej(陈仔大哥)

New version-ARES elevated tactics stairway system

Q: What is ARES?

A:The BearCat ARES platform provides a stable, wide stairway system to allow multiple operators to utilize the system side-by-side.

steady burn on the front red light in the LAPD version and
Arjent version is No steady burn on the front red light.

lightbar-Arjent and Edge9000

Template in the Els version pack. I forgot to put it into the Non-Els version pack .my bad

I don‘t see anything New Lenco or change after 2015.12.29. So I made it. Bodyshell conversion for sa ,i re-make the interior and wheel,Bottom,ARES PLATFORM, lightbar【Edge 9000 Not by me】


Two version :armor plate version and no armor plate version

Use OpenIV to import the Files to "/Grand Theft Auto V/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday3ng/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf/" or the last patchday!

Import the File Riot.xml to "/Grand Theft Auto V/ELS/pack_default/"
That's all Enjoy it!

If Your windows are black, remember to make sure you have
in your vehicles meta as well to prevent the tint issue.
玻璃发黑解决办法 去车辆数据里面进行修改

没有我的允许 严禁私自搬运到其他网站,本模组只有在GTANMOD以及ZH.GTA5-MODS.com上面发布
如果有在视频网站发布 拍摄 本模组 视频 请将下载链接放入影片下方介绍内

PLEASE DO NOT re-upload again
DO NOT attempt to sell for profit
DO NOT re-upload to any other site without my permission.
DO NOT claim you " conversion " this file
DO NOT crack these models to unlock them
Use in a FiveM community is only permissible with consent from Officer-Tej
Please do not redistribute these models without prior permissions from Officer-Tej
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 ELS-EDGE9000[Armor Plate]

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