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Forget about KERS, DRS and gear paddles, that's stuff for pussies. A steering wheel, a good old H pattern manual transmission and a raging engine are all you need when you're a real man. This beast from the 80s is pretty tough, and some among those who dared to try to tame it aren't around anymore, so keep your eyes open when you're on the track. And if you think you're man enough, the CW1988T will just have that extra power you're looking for.

Entara CW1988 Public Release 1.0


- 2 F1 cars: CW1988 (naturally aspirated) and CW1988T (turbocharged), with different design, engine sounds and handling.
- all the teams, cars, engines, liveries and wheels from the Formula 1 World Championship 1988 season recreated in a lore-friendly style.
- Pegassi Torero Safety Car, inspired by the Lamborghini Countach Safety Car used during the Monaco Grand Prix in the early 80s
- realistic damage system for CW1988 and CW1988T: suspensions will break in case of violent shock, resulting in the loss of the attached wheel. Spoilers can also be lost, impacting the behaviour of the car.
- CW1988 Script: very basic for now, just matches wheels with the selected livery. Also comes with DrivingMode script to enable onboard TV camera. Press V to toggle TV camera.
- all normal game features (working dials, hands on steering wheel...)

Known bugs:
- random game crashes happen when either CW1988 or CW1988T is spawned WITH "warp player inside vehicle" option enabled. Doesn't happen if this option is disabled.



- latest ScriptHookV (current version: 1.0.2699.0):

- latest ScriptHookVDotNet (current version: 3.5.1):


- Extract then open the extracted folder.
- Drag & drop Scripts folder into you Grand Theft Auto V main folder (where GTA5.exe is located).
- In OpenIV, enable Edit mode then go to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks and drag & drop cw1988 folder.
- In OpenIV, go to mods/update/update.rpf/common/data, right click on dlclist.xml then Edit. Add the following line right above "Paths":
Save the changes and hit the track!

Teams and drivers:

- Cancer Team Ocelot Dinka
#1 Nick Pires
#2 Satoshi Nagasaki

- Tarley Racing Organisation
#3 Jordan Powell
#4 Jeremy Baker

- Kinnon Wilson Team
#5 Nolan Maxwell
#6 Raffaello Palazzi

- Osten Ziegspeed Racing
#9 Paolo Galvani
#10 Bernhard Schmidt

- Dinka Redwood Progen
#11 Arnaud Plaquet
#12 Armando Silva

- Gonafron Auto Sport
#14 Patrick Stroll

- Johnsons Realty Marks Racing Team
#15 Marco Gonçalves
#16 Ivano Corelli

- Mors Mutual Insurance Darts Übermacht
#17 David Wayne
#18 Elvis Chase

- Double Denim Formula Ltd
#19 Antonio Nolcini
#20 Thomas Bekaert

- Offredi Squadra Corse
#21 Nestore Leonardi

- Liar Racing
#22 Adriano de Cerutti

- Tanktop Mardini Team SpA SEFAC
#23 Paolo Marconi
#24 Lorenzo Pastor

- Lieger Bingo
#25 Roland Allibert
#26 Sebastian Jansson

- Scuderia Grotti SpA SEFAC
#27 Mario Albertini
#28 Georg Brunner

- Lablonde Cammals
#29 Yves Daval
#30 Pascal Arsac

- Corradi SpA
#31 Gaspare Tamborini

- EuroBalmer Racing
#32 Octavio Lopez
#33 Samuele Maderno

- SBM Scuderia Italia
#36 Adriano Calvo

Rockstar Games: Progen PR4 model and vanilla sponsors
hugoraider: idea, 3D edits, liveries and sponsors
Drive Modes script: stillhere
GTA Wiki Fanon: some sponsors
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