Messerschmitt BF-109 E3



-working gauges
-added original textures as optional file

-Initial release

One of the famous German World War II fighter aircraft, the Messerschmitt BF-109. This version displays the E3 generation of aircraft and comes with 6 different 2048x2048 pixel skins (hence the big file size).
I am planning on making an add-on pack with different WWII aircraft (A6M5 Zero, P-51D, Spitfire, etc...) but I have no clue when and that's why you get this BF-109 now and as replacement vehicle (you can still use it as add-on with some file tweaking though). It replaces the Mallard, but has got functional machine guns.

Since I believe it could offend quite some people, I have removed the Swastika emblems on the tail of the aircraft and/or replaced them with a simple black square and white outline.

If you want to reduce the file size, you can:

A) delete all of them except one or two or how many you want to have left. (Simply use OpenIV)

B)extract the textures and resize them to 1024x1024 and reimport them

It will cut the file size in half or less, but it looks too good with the 2048x2048p textures, so I have left them in there.

About the non-working wheels (in the front):

The problem is that they will turn by 90° when retracting the landing gear. So I had to attach them as tstatic objects to the gear, otherwise they would simply go through the wing.

-Initial release

Model converted from Wings of Prey and War Thunder.

Full credits in the Read Me file.

Like I have said before, I'm really eager to release more aircraft (military/civillian), helicopters and military vehicles. If you like my work and want to see more, please show your support donating. It helps me affording the things I need to continue modding (ZM3, model files, etc)

And thanks alot for the support I have recieved already :)

(And you could keep up with my YT channel to see WIP videos of upcoming mods
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