Realistic Police & Civilian Handling for Carface's 83 Diplomat 2.0


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Version2.0 merges my tail stripe and ex cop paintjobs into this DL with some optional black wall tires as a pack and makes major updates to the physics and handling/performance including disabling of ABS.
The car is now much more fun to drive with a realistic weighty feel and much more realistic suspension behavior.
Also as of version 2.0 the Slant 6 variant is no longer available because the model has a V8 under the hood and Ive also added a high powered FBI pursuit version of which a very limited batch were made.

I've included five different handlings to choose from, acceleration data comes from a road test conducted by the Michigan State police in 1984. HP numbers for this car are listed in most sources as "net" HP, the numbers below are listed as "gross" HP and they are from a reliable rough horsepower calculator.

318 V8 2 barrel
3 Speed auto
185 HP
100+ MPH
0-60 13 seconds
0-100 61 seconds
20 second quarter mile time.
Fair power and handling for a 1980's sedan. However a small two barrel carburetor tuned for efficiency as opposed to power and tall sluggish highway economy gears prevent you from seeing the little V8's true potential.

360 V8 4 barrel
3 Speed auto
220 HP
110+ MPH
The 360 4 barrel V8 was the same engine available in the police package and offered respectable power for a 1980's sedan. The 318 and 360 V8's are also the same size externally with the 360 only weighing roughly 25 pounds more than the 318 making excellent use of the extra power the bigger engine provides.

318 V8 4 barrel Police Package
3 Speed Auto
200 HP
120+ MPH
0-60 10 seconds
0-100 34 seconds
18 second quarter mile time.
Thanks to much better gearing and the same heads and 4 barrel carburetor from the larger 360 the police 318 was capable of accelerating faster and reaching a higher top speed than the civilian 360 at the cost of a couple MPG. And thanks to improved heavy duty suspension and brakes the police package handled noticeably better than the civilian models and were said to be very good handling cars.

360 V8 4 Barrel Police Package
3 Speed auto
220 HP
125+ MPH
0-60 9 seconds
0-100 25 seconds
17 second quarter mile time.
The 360 V8 police package was also available for departments that wanted a little extra power and was favored by Highway Patrol and State Police units for it's slightly higher top speed and better acceleration times.
The 360 police package engine was mostly identical to the civilian engine with a few upgrades aimed more at durability than performance. Police package V8 engines were equipped with double roller timing chains, forged steel crank and a "windage tray" in the oil pan to keep the crank from fighting against and whipping up the engine oil at high RPM. While not intended to increase output the more accurate valve timing provided by the double roller timing chain and the reduced crank/oil resistance provided by the windage tray would have certainly given the police package engines a slight horsepower advantage over a standard engine. The combination of the heavy duty forged steel crank and the windage trays high RPM oil stabilizing effect would have also made it a very reliable engine even in long high speed pursuits.

360 V8 "Muscled Up" Diplomat
3 Speed Auto with upgraded valve body for quicker shifts and less transmission slippage.
285 HP
120+ MPH
0-60 ?
0-100 ?
Quarter mile time ?
Believe it or not people looking to build a sleeper or a more affordable alternative to a muscle car will often use this final incarnation of the Chrysler A-body as a low budget muscle car, drag car or sleeper project.
The "Muscled Up" handling represents a 360 Diplomat that has had some minor engine and driveline modifications to increase performance on a low budget. I also have a livery for it with a black hood and black R/T stripe lol.

FBI "Drug Interdiction" Pursuit Package
Mopar Performance 360 V8 Crate Engine
350+ NET HP
3 Speed Auto
145 MPH
0-60 ?
0-100 ?
Quarter mile times in the low 13 to high 12 second range.
Just paint the car plain black or white or some other plain color to make it look like an unmarked car.
Info source about FBI pursuit variant:

About the car:
It may be a far cry from the powerful Mopar muscle cars that the Chrysler corporation once produced, but if you squint your eyes hard enough this sedans gleaming chrome trim and rumbling V8 engine just might be enough to pacify your cravings for an entry level classic car. At first glance the 1977-1989 Dodge Diplomat/Plymouth Gran Fury may appear to be just another 80's semi-luxury sedan, but under the skin it is actually the final incarnation of the Chrysler corporations A-body platform which saw major sales and motorsports success through its near thirty year run starting with its debut as the Dodge Dart in the mid sixties.
This final incarnation of the A-body platform would mark the end of an era, as it would be the last line of RWD V8 passenger cars Chrysler would produce for over a decade, as well as the very last line of passenger cars to offer Chryslers beloved ultra reliable 225 Slant six cylinder and "L.A." series small block V8 engines that had been in production mostly unchanged since 1966 (and even earlier in the case of the Slant Six).
This would also be the very last Chrysler passenger car that offered a 4 speed manual transmission. Although the option was offered it was very rarely selected and is found more often in the Diplomat S-Type two door coupe than in the 4 door sedans.

Inverse power by IKT is a must have mod if you are sick of the game letting off the gas for you in the middle of a slide.
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My realistic surface traction overhaul mod is another must have for a more challenging and realistic driving experience on all terrain types.
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Some credit goes to Greenaid because he made alterations to the original handling for the mod.
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