Realistic Drag Wheelies 1.4.5


I have been working on this mod for years, lots of hours and spent a lot of time to create the perfect code recipe to make sure the cars react realistic and act like a real drag car. Watched many drag videos and i am also a big car fan and play a lot of racing games so i feel like its well made to my standers which are high. I hope you guys enjoy and have fun with this mod, currently i have 3 muscle cars that can do wheelies, Vigero, Dukes, Tampa (cars drive like they have ranges of 1000-1800+ HP depending what upgrades you got on)

-Updated in 1.4
-Bigger Drag Wheels

(Popping wheelies do require some skill as you can see in the video, and it is a big RECOMMENDATION to get Manual transmission mod by ikt so you can have full control the car and the wheelies)

Also thanks and credit to Bob322 and to his amazing car mods which i used to make my mod!!, i used 3 of his stock cars CAR MODELS NOT MADE BY ME i Just edited the wheels
(Also have a full handling mod with Realistic Speed, Handling & Damage Deformation, Engine Damage, Weight mod all the cars (including dlc) speed, damage and weight are redone, except airplanes. If you don't want the whole handling file then just copy the 3 cars handling codes to your own)


1. Open "Addon Pack Install" folder.

2. Launch Openiv and go to update > X64 > dlcpacks then just drag and drop the folder Stock_cars (recommend to make new folder and name it Stock_cars then drag and drop the dlc.rpf)

3. Then go to update > update.rpf > common > data and open dlclist with notepad and edit last line on list and add dlcpacks:\Stock_cars\


If you would like to replace the cars insted of add-on then just go to "optional" folder then open folder "Individual Handling Files" there you will have the handling files for each car. The replacement for the cars will be in \update\update.rpf\common\data "handling" file

To change the models of the cars
1. Start OpenIV
2. Go to: GTA V\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday12ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles\vehicles.rpf
3. Enable Edit Mode and drag all of the downloaded YFT/YTD files into Open IV
(note: cars may not appear in the vehicles.rpf but drop them in anyways they will be replaced.)

If you want to install the full handling mod for all cars (damage,speed,braking,weight) then open "Realistic Handling Mod" folder and drag and drop all handling files idividually.


Also there is a tutorial in the "Optional" folder so you can learn to make your own wheelie car mods. Each car takes some time to tune to make a wheelie mod for and unfortunately you cant just simply copy and paste the same code to each car they wont work properly but you can try copy any of my car codes as a template to start off with and they might work on some cars just fine tune the numbers to get it right.

~~Spawn cars with trainer type:

Mods used in photos and in video.

Speedometer by LeFix

Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support


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