AWP_India (CS 1.6) [Add-On / Replace]

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*AWP_India (from Counter Strike 1.6)*


This epic screenshots are made by Pantyshot! ;)


Use this mod to use MAPS as Add-Ons:

Put 'awp_india.ydr' in dlcpacks -> addonprops -> dlc.rpf -> props.rpf
Open AddonProps Editor -> Props Tab -> Add Prop (JSON)
Paste the code below:

Click "Add Prop" -> "Rebuild" and put def_props.ytyp generated to props.rpf
Use a trainer or Map Editor to spawn in-game.

Or Just replace any object.
For example : x64g.rpf/levels/gta5/generic/cutsobjects.rpf and replace any .ydr file and spawn in-game.

Like my FB Page for news, references & etc:

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  • 898a3a profile
    Připnutý komentář

    What map should i release next? A labyrinth or a box ring? :)

    před 8 dny
  • 162933 korn logo3tmb1

    @TheMadBreaker cs_assault :)

    před 8 dny
  • Gtao01

    @TheMadBreaker cs_militia hostage rescue

    před 8 dny
  • 9c1407 132521962676s

    Cool stuff man!
    I really love CS 1.6 and still play it. More than GTA V.

    před 8 dny
  • 5d69ed bespadeslogo

    I know those pics 😂

    před 8 dny
  • 898a3a profile

    @Gta5KoRn Hmm really nice idea, thank you! ;)
    @vtrdz You think? Yes it may be good, thank you! ;)
    @Meth0d I too play some CS 1.6, bro and i iove you, man! :)
    @Pantyshot Off course you know them.. You are a true master, brother! Much love! :)

    před 8 dny
  • 2a7b8a superman 3123942b

    @TheMadBreaker Awesome! Thanks for this :-)
    I used to love playing Counter Strike Source! I think that definitely paved the way for Call Of Duty, etc today!

    před 8 dny
  • 863fda gta v t2

    dust 2

    před 7 dny
  • E38b92 mac tonight head vector by eiluvision d91g73i


    před 7 dny
  • Ed5030 卡通 07


    před 7 dny
  • Heists

    Looks nice :) I think that was the best map :P

    před 7 dny
  • F4b41d img 6100

    @TheMadBreaker you should try and do maps from overwatch or try star wars battlefront 3 maps

    před 6 dny
  • 5e54b8 !romanpic

    do de_cache (from GO or source) next

    před 6 dny
  • Ef2cd5 avatar1

    de_dust or de_dust2 !

    před 4 dny
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