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Please be sure to download the correct file:
If you are running a FiveM server and want to provide this map there then download 3.3-FiveM
Otherwise (common case) if you want to use it in Singleplayer/Story mode please download version 3.3-SP


This mod without other mods applied works with the original gameconfig.xml and without any heap adjustment.
However, if you are using multiple mods it might be the case that at some point you need to adapt the gameconfig.xml and/or the heap (that is a general statement and is not specific to this mod).
If you are unsure just give it a try without changing the gameconfig.xml and the heap. In case you then experience crashes please install these add-ons as well:

Credits & Notes

This map is based on the map Forests of San Andreas in version 2.2 (RRC edition) by JRod
I want to thank him very much for that great map and his permission to publish this extension.

This mod is compatible with GTA V Remastered: Enhanced
(tested having both mods installed, using the original gameconfig.xml and no heap adjuster).

Videos and screenshots

In order to demonstrate only this mod and exactly as it is all videos and screenshots are in-game footage without any further post-editing and without any additional mods applied.
However, feel free to use other mods as well.

There are two videos to compare this mod with the original game:


Version 3.4

  • Fixed floating trees when using NaturalVision Evolved (caused by the replacement models for prop_tree_pine_01 and prop_w_r_cedar_01 since they have a higher pivot point).
  • Slightly reworked LOD and SLOD models ("hat" for top view is more flat and is positioned depending on the prop).
  • Reworked static collision models by splitting content into regular (no prefix) and high (prefix hi@) models.

Changes by JRod:
  • Reworked a scenario file (countryside_ne.ymt)

Version 3.3

  • Multi-partitioned maps and major refactoring of lod and slod models (increases performance and significantly reduces required pool size of "Building")
  • Adjusted brightness of some LOD and SLOD textures.
  • Reduced size of static collision models by only providing static collision models of props with a scaling not close to 1.
  • Rearranged packages so that it is possible to install the northern and the southern part independently (only north, only south or both).
  • Edited tree that were clipping with one of the watchtowers of Firewatch Lookout Towers by PNWParksFan (thanks to ReNNie for reporting)

Version 3.2

  • Slightly reworked LOD models.
  • Reworked textures for LOD and SLOD models of maple trees (Prop_Tree_Maple_02 and Prop_Tree_Maple_03).
  • Changed all entities with priority level high, medium, low to level required to avoid entities not beeing displayed (see for further information).
  • Recalculated Z coordinates of trees so that the trunk is as high as possible but still not floating.
  • Reduced/recalculated distance when to change from LOD to SLOD1 (increases performance without noticible affecting visual appearance).
  • Replaced jacada trees (the pink ones) by olive trees.
  • Replaced many of the dead trees by healthy ones.
  • Restructured ymap files.

Changes by JRod:
  • Added 27 cargens which were once part of version 2.2 and reworked some of them.
  • Replaced, deleted, added some non-vegetational props and fixed clipping/floating props.

Changes by Alex106:
  • Added a script to allow entering the shelter at coordinates -491.34, 2235.70, 150.87 (this requires Script Hook V .NET ( in order to work).

Version 3.1

Visual changes:
  • Replaced single standing redwood trees (TEST_Tree_Forest_Trunk_01) by other trees
  • Edited a few trees (relocated, rescaled, changed model, ...)
  • Added a few trees
  • Slight rework at silo hatch

Other changes:
  • Reduced extents of static collision models and slod models
  • Reduced/recalculated values for far distance view non-tree models
  • Recalculated distance when to change from HD to LOD (slightly reduced large entities and increased for small entities)
  • Reduced/recalculated distance when to change from LOD to SLOD1
  • Fixed non-tree entities (like boxes, chairs, barrels, ...) that shouldn't be static (so now they interact physically when hit by a car, on explosions, ...)
  • Provided static collision model for cabin
  • Provided OIV uninstallation file

Version 3.0

Visual changes:
  • Replaced most trees by a large diversity of trees (instead of just two different tree models now there are 26 different models, see "detailed list of trees" at bottom of page for more details)
  • Changed scaling/size of trees
  • Reduced tilt of trees in accordance to their height
  • Recalculated Z coordinate of every tree
  • Created textures and models for medium far distance view (LOD models) for every kind of tree
  • In addition to medium far distance view models (LOD models) three further far distance view models were created (SLOD1 to SLOD3 models)
  • Enabled reflections of trees in water (that is because for reflections mainly SLOD1 to SLOD3 models are used)
  • Relocated some trees
  • Added a few trees
  • Reworked observation points "Raton Canyon" and "East Alamo View"

Other changes:
  • Fixed wrong collisions by providing static collision models (before only embedded collision was used but since embedded collision ignores scaling every scaled tree ended up with a wrong collision model)
  • Reduced/recalculated values for far distance view models (in accordance to their height) to be more consistent with other entities
    (before Redwood trees had a very high value which heavily affected performance and forced users to reduce "Extended Distance Scaling" under "Advanced Graphics")
  • Extracted non-tree entities in separated files (ymap)
  • Performed clustering of trees to get reasonable chunks of maps (to get rid of having some ymap files with huge extents)
  • Provided OIV installation file
  • Provided FiveM resource bundle (thanks to leonad1125)

Detailed list of trees

To view how each model looks like you may want to visit

northern part
prop_rus_olive: 17
prop_s_pine_dead_01: 13
prop_tree_birch_01: 30
prop_tree_birch_02: 21
prop_tree_birch_03: 6
prop_tree_birch_03b: 7
prop_tree_birch_04: 23
prop_tree_cedar_02: 679
prop_tree_cedar_03: 626
prop_tree_cedar_04: 693
prop_tree_cedar_s_01: 50
prop_tree_cedar_s_02: 34
prop_tree_cedar_s_04: 9
prop_tree_eng_oak_01: 27
prop_tree_eucalip_01: 22
prop_tree_fallen_pine_01: 15
prop_tree_maple_02: 7
prop_tree_maple_03: 16
prop_tree_mquite_01: 2
prop_tree_oak_01: 32
prop_tree_olive_01: 15
prop_tree_pine_01: 613
prop_tree_pine_02: 629
prop_tree_stump_01: 6
prop_w_r_cedar_01: 366
prop_w_r_cedar_dead: 59
test_tree_cedar_trunk_001: 647
test_tree_forest_trunk_01: 82
test_tree_forest_trunk_04: 3
total north: 4749

southern part
prop_rus_olive: 58
prop_s_pine_dead_01: 33
prop_tree_birch_01: 97
prop_tree_birch_02: 86
prop_tree_birch_03: 16
prop_tree_birch_03b: 9
prop_tree_birch_04: 82
prop_tree_cedar_02: 542
prop_tree_cedar_03: 509
prop_tree_cedar_04: 545
prop_tree_cedar_s_01: 98
prop_tree_cedar_s_02: 23
prop_tree_cedar_s_04: 62
prop_tree_eng_oak_01: 95
prop_tree_eucalip_01: 32
prop_tree_fallen_pine_01: 32
prop_tree_maple_02: 23
prop_tree_maple_03: 33
prop_tree_mquite_01: 9
prop_tree_oak_01: 42
prop_tree_olive_01: 62
prop_tree_pine_01: 377
prop_tree_pine_02: 383
prop_w_r_cedar_01: 944
prop_w_r_cedar_dead: 22
test_tree_cedar_trunk_001: 553
test_tree_forest_trunk_01: 604
test_tree_forest_trunk_04: 4
total south: 5375

total north: 4749
total south: 5375
total: 10124
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