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This is an unfinished garage that was cut from the High Life update. Given its size, and the spacing of the cars in the other garages, it could hold about 20-25 vehicles. Credit to @nkjellman for finding these files originally, and @Gudmundur123 (on twitter) who helped me get started with loading them.

I toyed with this a bit but got tired of it, so I'm uploading what I've done so far for anyone else who is interested to continue working on it.


You need OpenIV and Menyoo to load this map.



In OpenIV, enable edit mode and move all contents of the des_shipsink folder into:

Move all contents of the des_gasstation folder into:

Move the file "High Life garage.xml" in the Spooner folder to:
[your game directory]/Menyoostuff/Spooner

Start the game and start Menyoo.

Go to Object Spooner > Manage Saved Files > and select High Life Garage, then Load Placements.


What I've done so far:
-taken the models from their original directories and replaced some destruction setpieces with them. These are only used in cutscenes so they will not affect any other game assets during freeroam play. These are the best fit for swapping these files into because the file you replace must be larger than the file you replace it with, otherwise it will disappear at certain points (thanks to @thefriedturkey for pointing this out).
- made some fake collision for the floor via placing a few large billboards underneath it and making them invisible.
- Lined all the pieces up correctly (as close as I could) using the static collision model as a guide (unfortunately this model cannot be spawned for use in the garage).
- Situated everything in an airport hangar to take advantage of the light-blocking properties you get from being inside a building (usually building interiors have their own "duct-tape" model to handle this, but this one, being unfinished, did not). The hangar also has a relatively clear roof, meaning the skylights are mostly unobstructed.

What I haven't done:
- rigged collision for the walls, elevator shaft, really anything besides the floor.
- lighting. Lighting will be tricky because the lights used will need to stay on all day, so most prop lights will not work (as they only turn on at night). I tried taking some of the lighting from certain interiors, but it was never powerful enough. I couldn't get any of the light sources from LSC, the high end garage, or Benny's to spawn; maybe you'll have better luck. Even then, this garage is larger than most single interior rooms in the game. I could use Menyoo lighting, but that does not save or load at this time.
- Teleports in and out. I wouldn't bother with these until everything else was finished, but Menyoo now has teleport markers that can be set to vehicle only, so this could be a somewhat functional garage if you wanted.
- I don't know how to turn off the debris in the air or the ambient sound effects from the surrounding area. I don't think anyone knows how to do this yet, but it would be a boon to creating new interiors if this was developed.
- Once proper lights are added, the reflective floor from the high-end garage would probably look nice on this. You'd have to take several of them and lay them side to side though.
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