Los Santos County Sheriff's Department Contract Liveries Pack [Lore Friendly] 1.0


A pack of LSSD Contract liveries for 11John11's LSSD Pack and w/'s LSSD Pack Extended, namely for the Vapid Stanier, Vapid Scout and Declasse Alamo. However, any Stanier or Scout that has standard mapping will work just fine. (Do note, the Alamo has slightly different mapping, I can't guarantee the results for anything but the Alamo included in 11john11's pack.)

Namely, this features designs inspired by: West Hollywood, LA Metro transit, Cerritos, Palmdale, La Mirada, Compton, East Los Angeles, Universal Studios, Norwalk, City of Commerce and Cerritos again, all recreated to the best of my ability, using community made, lore-friendly decals.

This mod includes a ReadMe file, please actually read it.

  • 47 different liveries in 2k resolution
  • 18 Vapid Stanier Designs, 2 Declasse Alamo Designs and 4 Vapid Scout designs for a total of 24 different designs
  • Liveries based on various contracts of the real life Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
  • A8R8G8B8 compressed liveries included in the file, which have no compression artifacts, but shouldn't be used as a substitute for the DXT1 compressed ones. Read the ReadMe

  • might have misaligned decals or badly overlayed layers, if you see em, send me a DM, or post about it in the comments
  • IDK, it's a bunch of .dds files

Installation instructions:
1) Extract the liveries you want from the rar file to a separate folder.
2) Choose the liveries you want. In a pinch, OpenIV can preview DDS files, but or Gimp are free.
3) Navigate to the location of the .ytd texture dictionary of the car you want to apply your selected livery to in OpenIV.
4) Turn on OpenIV edit mode.
5) Open the .ytd texture dictionary and find a livery you want to replace.
6) Click "Replace" in OpenIV and select the contract livery you want to take its place.
6) Rename the contract livery to the name of the livery you wish to replace, using the naming convention [car name]_sign_[number] (ie. stanier_sign_1, stanier_sign_2, stanier_sign_3, alamo_sign_4, scout_sign_5, etc.)
6) If you want to just add the livery without replacing anything, change the name to [car name]_sign_[number that's next in line] (ie. if you have liveries called "alamo_sign_1" through "alamo_sign_4" and you want to add on 2 more Alamo liveries, you call them "alamo_sign_5" and "alamo_sign_6".)
7) Hit save in OpenIV.
8) If you haven't already, install the vehicles using instructions provided in the vehicle pack you've downloaded.
Or just watch a dang YouTube tutorial.

  • myself, The George: ideas, making the whole pack, creating the City of Chumash seal
  • 11john11: base liveries from the LSSD 2.0 and 3.0 packs, a few ideas and reference pictures
  • w/ (a.k.a. Weeby): base livery for the Sandy Shores beater livery, taken from his LSSD Extended Pack 2.0
  • Crizby: West Vinewood, Sandy Shores and the purple Paleto Bay city seals
  • Nacho (a.k.a. Nachtfliege): Davis city seal
  • John Adams (a.k.a. zapprr): Grapeseed and the white Paleto Bay city seals
  • TheS424 on GTA Wiki: Richards Majestic Production logo
  • DocVinewood on GTA Wiki: the original Los Santos Transit logo that I've edited to fit onto the livery
  • Nee: Ideas, testing, and the cover screenshot

Full disclaimers included in ReadMe, but: Use at your own risk, if you want the decals, go to LoreHub or LFDS Discord servers, if you want to use stuff from this pack, go ask the original creators, you can use it on FiveM, don't make money off it.
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