Captain America (Civil War & Winter Soldier) 1.9


v1.9 update:
1. Added a new Captain America civil war model made by fakeplastic (The improvement of the texture hasn't been completed yet, I will continue that when I have time.)
2. Slightly improve the texture of Captain America infinity war's suit
v1.9 Installation guideline:
1. install Captain America Shield Throwing Mod by stillhere, yeahhmonkey & Z@gor

2. Install the files in the folders "New Civil War (model by fakeplastic)", "Cap_Infinitywar (Beta)", "Old civil war ped" and "CA Winter soldier ped" as Add-on peds

3. Install w_me_capshield.ydr and w_me_capshield.ytd in mods>update>x64>dlcpacks>capshield>dlc.rpf>x64>models>cdimages>weapons.rpf

4. Install w_me_dagger.ydr and w_me_dagger.ytd in

5. Copy all the files in "Captain America Files" to scripts> Captain America Files (The Controls.cfg is only my preference, if you guys don't want to change the control, please don't copy this file)
v1.8 update:
Added the Infinity war fan made version (Since there are not enough photos for reference, this is just an Alpha version. I will continue to improve the texture when I have time.)

v1.7 update:
1. Update the shield texture
2. Changed the installation method
3. Include the ini scripts which are compatible with stillhere, yeahhmonkey & Z@gor Captain America mods
4. Change the installation guidelines

v1.6b update:
1. Update the shield texture so that it compatible with the Joe Gillian Captain America's Classic Shield (Standalone) 1.2
2. The shields' texture become more reflective and metallic
(if you have installed the v1.6, no need to install the ped again, only need to update the shield(s) texture.)

v1.6 update
1. Added the Captain America Winter soldier peds and shield re-texture
2. Fix the wrong spec map of the shield (Captain America civil war ver). All the shields should have realistic metallic reflection now
3. Slightly improve civil war texture
4. Remove the old trevor version

v1.5 update:
added two type of retexture "black panther damaged" version and "civil war non damaged version" for Joe Gillian captain america shield mod.

v1.4 update,
1. Compatible with TheMadBreaker's Captain America (Age Of Ultron) [Add-On Ped] 2.0
2. Added the gloves back to the working ig bankman hand
3. Make the civil war suit darker

Don't worry, the original age of ultron texture will still exist as an alternative texture (you can simply change the head texture by using any trainer like Menyoo, then you can switch from civil war to age of ultron.)

The winter soldier captain america ped is also re-texture based on TheMadBreaker's Age of ultron ped. I include the winter soldier version as a separate ped as the normal map and spec map are quite different from the age of ultron one.
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