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READ 'How to use this mod' section if you are having problems using this mod!

Hello. This is my first mod hope you like it, if you have any suggestions for t-shirts please tell me in the comments there are many more updates to come!

This Mod includes:

- MLG T-Shirt
- Dog T-Shirt
- Hoooodini T-Shirt (Vanoss)
- TheGamingLemon T-Shirt
- Hatfilms Stunt Lads T-Shirt
- Yogscast T-Shirt
- Jacksepticeye T-Shirt
(More Coming Soon!)

How to use this mod:

You may need to install the Simple Trainer for GTA V v2.3 by sjaak327 ( Some may be available from some clothes stores
and other have to be obtained via the trainer by going into 'Model Spawning' then 'Clothes Menu' go to upper the select the 3 using the numpad 4 and 6 or the arrow keys or the
D-pad on the Xbox 360 or ONE controller then press enter to cycle press enter or A on the xbox 360 or ONE controller.

These T-Shirts are only for Micheal other coming soon to the other characters.

(This Requires OpenIV (
(Also BACKUP YOUR 'x64v.rpf' FILE!!!!!)

1. Open GTA V in OpenIV (if you dont know how there are many tutorials on youtube) (Also make sure you have edit mode selected)
2. Open 'x64v.rpf'
3. Then open 'models'
4. Then open 'cdimages'
5. Then open 'streamedpeds_players.rpf'
6. Then open 'player_zero' folder
7. Open the Contents folder that you downloaded
8. Drag and drop its contents into the 'player_zero' folder
9. Start your game then Bobs your uncle


DO NOT use mods Online this will probably result in a ban (I will NOT be held responsible for any bans!)
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