Backpack Inventory [OUTDATED] 3.0b



!!!ATENTION!!! DELETE MY "Store Weapons in Dufflebag" and "Backpack" mod if you're gonna use this one

Hold "SelectUnarmed" for backpack menu #1
-Backpack Menu #1 :
1.Take off/Put on Bag;
2.Take off/Put on Helmet(only when NOT in car);

Hold "Duck in vehicle" button for backpack menu #2
-Backpack Menu #2 :
1.Take off/Put on headset;
3.Hold/Unhold backpack's strap;

if you have backpack ,just hold "BACKPACK_MENU1" button in vehicle and it will be saved as your stash vehicle;
When you carrying the backpack you can use your inventory and any weapon you like,also you can put on/off helmet, however it will slow you down a bit.
When you're not carrying the backpack yours speed will slightly increase but your inventory will be locked unless you grab your backpack again.

How to install

1.Drop all folders and files in Script folder to your ../gta5/Scripts/ (Just like all the other Scripthookvdotnet2 .dll scripts)
2.You need to replace Backpack models and textures if you dont want to change them in .ini file (i've included tutorial and models in archive)
For backpack:
I've made it possible to choose which model of clothes will be set on character in .ini file, but i suggest you to
replace any decals in Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\player_zero/one/two\ for the
Rockstar backpack model with my texture pack(included in zip archive) and then to change number of model and texture
in .ini file (i advise you to replace models in archive,so you wouldnt have to change it in .ini file : Michael (Player_Zero):decl_008;/Franklin (Player_One):decl_003;/Trevor (Player_Two):decl_005;
For Hat/Mask:
You can change any mask/hat you will wear in .ini file in ([TREVORS PROP] for Trevors hat/mask for example) ,also you can change the hairstyle that will apply when character is wearing the mask(For modded hairstyle,so the hairs wouldnt came through hat or mask);


.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV Latest
ScriptHookVDotNet Latest
NAudio.dll (included in archive)



-Added DuffleBag option in .ini file (IF set to "true" and character has backpack AND carrying longbarrel weapons he will put on duffle bag to be able to carry them,but it will reduce his speed even more);
-Fixed bug where holster icon was shown even if character dont have the pistol;


-Added Gunrunning and Doom's day Heist long-barrel weapons;


-Duffle bag will now drop off with bagpack in the car;
-Pistol switch improvements;
-Code optimization;


-Fixed bug with dufflebag blinking when sitting in any vehicle;


-Added option to choose pistol character will be able to carry without backpack;
-----FIND STRING iN .INI FILE NAMED "PISTOL = 2578377531" and replace "2578377531" with:
------"453432689" for Pistol;
-----"1593441988" for CombatPistol;
-----"2578377531" for Pistol50;
-----"584646201" for ApPistol;
------"3249783761" for Revolver;

-Fixed critical issues that could cause script crash;
-Improved helmet system;
-Improved Blip system and car saving;
-Improved personal pistol switch;
-Controller support added;


-Code optimization;
-Bug with hint looping in vehicle while holding "select unarmed" button fixed;


-Added control customization in .ini file (Look at CONTROLS_VARIATIONS.txt file that i've included in archive to see controls numbers);
-Improved control system (look in discription);
-Improved hat/mask wearing system (Now you just need to set Model of hat/mask from Ped Props list and hairstyle you want to apply with this mask(I've left this option to in case if you're using modded hairstyles that doesnt fit well with standart gta hats/masks);


-Added custom weapon holster/unholster animation (can be turned of in .ini file);


-Fixed double sound effect;
-Added backpack animation on each weapon change key;
-Fixed "bag put on" issue (now it will put on only if you hold backpack_menu1 key);


-Added duffle bag compobility with story missions;


Replace .ini file
-remove "mark vehicle" feautre;
-remove "put on prop" feauture;
-improved bag system (Now every regular gta duffle bag including mp characters) will let you use your inventory even if custom backpack is off)


-Fixed issue with bag status that was applied even if character wasnt wearing any bag;


-Added possobility to collect backpacks at characters main houses if bag doesnt exists in the world yet,they will we bliped with white color (If you're using mp character you can collect backpack at Franklins New Mansion);
-Added possobility to drop off bag in any place and pick it up again untill you switch character or die;
-Fixed alot bugs and issues;


-Added option to create bag near character by holding "BACKPACK_MENU1" button and pressing "BACKPACK_SELECT" button.


Replace .ini file

-Added smoke feauture on foot(Hold "PHONE_LEFT_BUTTON" to open cig menu.You can pause and leave cig in mouth or leave it in hands depending wich frame anim is playing.The smoking will replenish players health);
-ReAdded mask feauture;


-Fixed issues with weapon changing while smoking anim is playing(Character will hide all weapons until you pause or stop smoke);


install latest version of Relaxed Driving Style or install version from this arhive
-Added function to smoke in car;
-Fixed issue with stucking cig after script reload(Now you can reload script and if character is having cig in his hands or mouth the script will detect it automaticly and will apply smoking mode);
-Script improvments(If you're moving the character will take cig in his mouth automaticly,also if smoking anim playing the character wont be able to take out weapon until you pause smoking);


NoteDont use previous version in the same time with my BadHabits script
-Separated smoke script;


-Readded sound file that were missing since previous update;
-Imrpoved backpack take off function(Now ,if duffle bag in .ini file is on it will be taked off with backpack)


-Removed icon (Added it to PistolHoslter script);


-The bag will disapear when character has parachute on his back;
-Improved bag summon function (Now it should apear near character even inside the buildings and not on top of the buildings);


-Improved weapon drop system without bag (If character doesnt have any bag, he can still hold any long barrel weapon in his hands,but he cant holster it);
-Added possobility to switch to any pistol without backpack;
-Fixed issues with breaking animation while Michaele is hanging on the meathook (Mission where you have to save Michael from Chineese Mafia);


-Improved weapon drop system without bag;
-Added possobility to drop off all standart gta dufflebag models if custom backpack is not equiped;


-Bag off controll fixed;


-Replcaced mask function with drop weapons function;
-Anim bug fixes;
-Code optimization;


-Improved holster/unholster anim;
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