Herbsman ShootEmUp Missions Expansion Pack 4.0

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Only download this mod if you have downloaded Herbsman Custom Missions.
Link to the mod:

After obtaining approval from the author, I decided to help try to save you all time by creating more missions. I am only uploading the mission xml's. This is my first mod. More like an edit...but only for you and Herbsman to save time!!!! Enjoy.

Also recommended:
Health Regeneration:
(note1 for regen: set "if timer > 99 then" instead of "if timer > 199 then")
(note2 for regen: set "ENTITY_HEALTH(playerID)+100")
(note3 for regen: set "...PED(playerID), 0)
(note4 for regen: below ARMOUR(playerID) is the line "timer =" set it to 0 so that the health regen is constant. If you have the armor set to 1. You will be annoyed.
(finalnote for regen: last line "timer = timer+1" leave it alone.)
- I felt the regen mod is useful for a COD survival feel, as opposed to a Fallout feel where you pray to find healthpacks. Set the addition of health to a max of 200 for an instant affect or set it low for a gradual affect.
Also check out this Kill Counter Mod:

Install for this mod:
If you're using Herbsman's mod. The instructions for where to put my XML's should make perfect sense ;)

Thank you HerbsmanHerbsman!!!!
This is what I've been waiting for.

Eleven maps in this expansion:
AccessLS, Bums&Crooks, FactoryWar, FactoryWar2, GoodBadUgly, Junkieyard, LostCounty, LS MostWanted, NerdCollege, OldVegas and Vault69.

Note: 1. The CameraPOV may seem slightly off when looking down at the map. Adjust using MapEditor and Simple Trainer (with coordinates enabled).
2. Make sure to place the 'bums' and 'wanted' xml's into the Families folder.(Follow Herbsmans instructions for all configuration - a readme is in the missions folder)
3. No current method to playing as your selected character. Even if you type "Trevor" in 'playermodel' section, you will play as a ped of Trevor.
4. I will work on more maps and add more enemies to current expansions if this gets more thumbs up than thumbs down.
5. Goodluck and Godbless Gotham City!

Opinion: Taking the time standing at each coordinate and mapping out enemies is totally worth it!
Also, if you post a comment saying I somehow destroyed or crashed your game...I will laugh so hard that I will fall over and vomit to death. (follow instructions and nobody gets hurt kid ;)

Latest update:
4.0 Added missions:
- AccessLS
- Factory War 2
- Old Vegas (My new fav ;)

Next Update: Who knows what will happen?

I also make Rock music. I did all instruments and vocals:
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