IV Style Exit Vehicle [.Net Optimized] 4.0.2


The mod is tested and does work on all Version(Steam, Epic Games, Rockstar Launcher), even if some comments suggest that it doesn't, but they were not wrong,. I released a version that was bugged and didn't work, but I deleted the version ever since.

Features and bugs
This mod allows you to let the engine of your vehicle running when leaving the vehicle, but if you hold you vehicle exit key the engine stops.

Installation instructions
First of all make sure that you have Scripthook V[.Net] installed, then drag and drop both IVStyleExit.dll and IVStyleExit.custom into your scripts folder. Please make sure to not put the source file directly into your scripts folder as this can cause some errors. Now launch the game and enjoy!

All Credits go to:

Driver for the original mod
ikt for the .Net version

-Fixed bug: @LRNSR
-Fixed a bug were the player could exit the vehicle even if it was locked. This also enables compatibility with my Restrict Egress mod.

-Changed archive structure, source code is now available in the src folder.
-Upgraded from ScriptHookVDotNet2 to ScriptHookVDotNet3
-Added a config file (IVStyleExit.custom)
-You can now choose to leave the door open when you exit(Thanks to @Sezario for the

Updated script to optimize performance

Fixed inconsistencies with the original LUA script.
Thanks, Remix, for pointing these out.

This mod was a optimized version of the ikt version, but I added some features that were not in the original mod since.
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