ANPR & Speed Radar 0.2



1.) Install Alexander Blade's ScriptHookV (

2.) Install Crosire's Community ScriptHookVDotNet (

3.) Download my mod, Metiri ANPR v0.2, which contains the following files:
- ANPR.cs
- ANPR.ini

4.) Place ANPR.cs & ANPR.ini into your "scripts" folder inside of your Grand Theft Auto V directory.

Defualt Controls (only controls so far):
NumPad5 - Activate/Deactivate mod
NumPad8 - Move radar further
NumPad2 - Move radar closer
NumPad4 - Move radar left
NumPad6 - Move radar right
NumPad7 - Move radar down (elevation)
NumPad9 - Move radar up (elevation)
NumPad1 - Flag Vehicle
NumPad3 - Scan area for flagged vehicles

INI File Specifics:
- Rebind keys to whatever you want

* Settings
- SnapToGround -> Snaps your marker to the ground. Still testing this... Doesn't work to well in tunnels or under overpasses. Set to true or false

- MaxDistance -> How far you can send your radar. Could impact performace, haven't checked. Set to any positive integer

- HighSpeed -> Determines the color of the speed text. If a car goes faster than whatever this is set to (along with your units) then the text turns red. If a car goes half that speed then it goes yellow. Anything lower and the text is white. Set to any positive integer. I haven't tried with low integers so there might be some bugs if you set it to something stupid like 0.

- PercentageOfHit -> How likely you are to get a violations hit. Set between 0 and 100. Anything above 100 will probably result in you getting a lot of hits and that's no fun.

- Units -> Speed units. Set to mph (miles per hour) or kph (kilometers per hour). Capitalization doesn't matter, so MpH or KPh is totally fine, but stupid.

* Advanced
- TickInterval -> Don't fuck with this unless you know what you're doing.

* Changelog
* v0.2
* - Only allowed to use in a vehicle
* - INI settings file
* - Custom key bindings
* - Customs settings
* - "Snap To Ground" feature (still needs work)
* - Better UI
* - Simple Violations
* - Simple "session" vehicle database (remembers license plates and their violations for a play session)
* - Flag/unflag vehicles
* - Add/remove marker above flagged vehicles
* Upcoming features
* - Violations
* - Custom violations
* - Violations play sound
* - Mark violations 360 degrees around player (not just the location marked)
* - Violations marking above car
* - XML Database for violations
* - Save license plate, names and vehicle info
* - Load during gameplay with a chance of spawning that vehicle and person
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