New Street Phone Missions V2.71



New Street Phone Missions 2.71

A procedurally generated mission mod. This mod uses the street phones as mission givers and as a way of setting options for mission types Ui, audio, avalable phone lists, custom vehicles and more.

There's 20 main mission types set in six zones with some unique missions for each zone, there is also a seventh zone 'Cayo Perico' with its own 5 mission types.

To access Cayo Perico you can use Random Start, or Simple-Trainer.
Due to a bug with Flight to Cayo Perico that blocks all traffic from spawning this mod is not compatable as using both causes mission spawns to disappear.

I have added a load of freemode outfits to the Outfits folder which i lifted from I'm Not MentaL's Single Player Apartment II.

With 2.0 comes a Log file the log file will overwrite itself on reload so if you have any issues with this mod please make a copy of 'BeeLog.Log' from 'Scripts/NSPM' folder before reloading and include this with your description of the fault.

Now you can now add your custom addon vehicles to the vehicle pool list, added via an option in the opions menu.
I've added a mission builder for Trucking, Packages, Convicts, Fubar, Ambulance, Johnny, Racist, BBomb, Hitman and sharks, the build program is avalable in the options menu, the builds are saved as xml and can be shared. I have included a TestMission.Xml The Tutoral Video

Online Maps, i have altered the yacht used in a mission to one that requires loading of online maps, if you already have it loaded then it will consider it already loaded however if not then you will have a symbol stating 'Loading Online', this is not connecting to online just loading the IPL's for online, i have also set the '_USE_FREEMODE_MAP_BEHAVIOR, to false so no missing street furniture i.e, streetphones.'

I have found this mod on other sites, this was done without my permission and i can't guarantee they are free from malware viruses, only download from '', this is the only place i have uploaded this mod. all work is my own based on research through gta moding forums. If you want to show some support for this and my other mods please subscribe to my youtube channel, you can also find videos and links to other mods i've made for games like Black & White, and Fallout, i will be also be adding links and videos to mods i've made on steam at some point.

The mission list


    -- It's trucking with variaty of trucks, trailers and destinations.

    Getaway Driver

    -- Getaway driving, pick any 4+ seat land vehicle.
    -- Try not to lose too much of the take..


    -- It's not a fetch quest... Just delivering ojects to locations...
    -- Timed delivlierys with a bouns for completing all deliverys.
    -- Each area has it's own variation.
    -- Hundreds of locations.


    -- Pick up the prisoners take them back to Bolingbroke.


    -- It's not a taxi service... Pick up people take them to a destination...
    -- Soo many locations.
    -- Reduced 'real' taxi attacks.
    -- Made the pick-up location mostly appear near to where you are when accepting a mission.
    -- Passagers will warp into vehicle on third horn blast.


    Location 1:Red Nut Air Race

    -- Fly a stunt plane in 'The Red Nut Air Race'.

    Location 2:Pegasus

    -- Fly high with the CEO's of Los Santos.

    Location 3:Brrrrrrrrt

    -- Borrow a Brrrrrrt.

    Location 4:Import Export

    -- Greef an Import/Exporter.

    Location 5:Crop Dusting

    -- Crop spraying. Spray harmless death toxins on farms.

    Location 6:Heil Tours

    -- Fly some tourists to locations around paleto and beyond.


    -- Drive an amulance.. Fast.
    -- Timer and total cash counter.
    -- Three horn blasts and the patient warps to ambulance.
    -- Various illnesses, including outbreaks.


    -- Follow a random suspect in a random car to a random location with random endings.
    -- Locallised pick up point


    -- Put out fires, save cats. Just normal fire fighter stuff.


    -- Be johnny deliver player cars, then run away before the player shoots at you.
    -- Improved the ending adding a timmer and excape area on mini map.


    -- Land Sea and Air Races.
    -- Traffic removal.
    -- Choice of upto 10 laps per race.
    -- Gta online style race and lap counter.
    -- Each area has it's own variation.
    -- Race Ai or do a time trial.

    Explosive Device

    -- Find a hidden bomb before it explodes.


    -- Assasinate without being spoted or leaving Dead bodies in view.
    -- Target must be stealth killed with a melee weapon, the guards any silenced weapon.
    -- Guards and target have view cones if they see you they will be alerted.
    -- Guards hold position or walk patrols.
    -- Guards are alerted by near by gun fire (i.e dont miss)and other dead guards.

    Gruppe 6

    -- Cash deliverys..Not a safe career choice in los santos.
    -- Multipule possable outcomes.


    Location 1:Argey Bargey

    -- Tow a barge out to sea.
    -- Defend the barge from attacking mobs.

    Location 2:Piracy

    -- Fight for the yacht
    -- Recive a working yacht with fast travel, wardrobe, bar, jacuzy and more..

    Location 3:Phishing

    -- Travel down Tongava River finding phishing signals.
    -- Requres good boat control.

    Location 4:Litter Bugs

    -- Collect litter from Los Santos Flood Drain.
    -- 50 items to collect with a timmer.

    Location 5:Boat Yard

    -- Deliver a choice of boats to one of many locations.
    -- Now cargobob compatable.

    Location 6:Bogdam

    -- It's bogdan.. without that long cut sceen at the end. So no going off to make a cup of tea, then returing to pull out the ethernet cable!!

    Important Exports

    -- Find cars and load them on to a barge.

    Debt Collect

    -- Collect debts from the residents of Los Santos.

    MC Business

    -- Help rockstart make biker businesses more trouble than they are worth!!.

    Bay Lift

    -- How warehouses/bunkers where supposed to work...


    -- Give the sharks of Los Santos a present they wont forget!!

    Cayo Perico

    -- Packages.
    Deliver the all important bolt cutters.

    -- Follow.
    Follow thoughs sneeky partyers on foot, don't get spotted by them.

    -- Racist.
    Race around the main hill alone or with three other racists.

    -- Assassination.
    Five more assassination missions to beat.

    -- Thief.
    Gun down that thief making off with El Rubio's loot.


Place the scripts folder in the zip file in your 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder.

Required Files
--Always check these are up-to-date as they do change.--

All the free DLC's installed...
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019
Script Hook V
Community Script Hook V .NET v2.10.14 or higher

This mod uses all the vehicles avalable, these require an uptodate trainer so they don't despawn.
Any of these will work.

Known Bugs and Compatibility Issues

- not compatable with 'Flight to Cayo Perico'.
- some translations missing on menus.
- not compatable with 'All In One Menu | Jobs & Heists' - an issue with both using Native UI.
- due to character length some translations are missing characters/ whole words.
- 'Redux 1.10 graphics' replaces the collision box with a boost thing on all strunt props so be carefull when driving up the ramps.
Future updates

To change or use diffrent language files place 'NSPMLanguage.XML' into 'Scripts/NSPM/Lingo/'

Change Log
Version 2.71
  • Added a fix for missing appartments.
  • If you don't own the yacht and disabled Sailor, DebtCollect, MCBusiness, BayLift the Mp_Maps wont load till one of these missions has been launched.
  • Fixed any undeclared public Lists.(may have caused some OutOfRange fails)

Version 2.7
  • Added press button to enter vehicle for fubar cars no more chasing traffic!!.
  • Fixed phone pick up animation freeze bug.
  • Added set player option and return weapon option to Mk2 weapons man.-gorgonut

Version 2.61
  • Added new vehicles to the vehicle lists.
  • fixed missing Phone aninmation in settings XML.

Version 2.6
  • Added phone pick up animation with option to skip in phone options. thanks to thalilmythos for idea and finding the animation.
  • Altered the use of 'NSPMLanguage.XML'.

Version 2.51
  • Made timmer bars and bar Pools private so this mod can work with 'All In One Menu | Jobs & Heists'--This did not work on further testing.
  • Added the Mk2 Weaps to Xml so only have to buy the weapons and accessories once.

Version 2.5
  • Added a fix for the 'Redux 1.10 graphics' collision bug.
  • Removed the create Settings .xml from the start up.

Version 2.4
  • Replaced 'TestMission.XML' with correct version.
  • Added markers to builder placement.
  • Fixed sub placement for builder missions.
  • Fixed randomized bool for random bool elements.
  • Added a door find and unlock for debt collect.

Version 2.3
  • Added a mission builder some of the missions.
  • Fixed missing custom vehicle exists test for removed custom vehicles.

Version 2.2
  • Fixed null ref due to test vehicle remaining on vehicle list after delete.
  • Fixed missing prop on Sailor mission area 1.
  • Changed Convicts seat order to be compatable with any bus with at least 8 seats(For bus Replacements).

Version 2.11
  • No more droping F1 cars on you at start, many appolagies.

Version 2.10
  • Fixed the Add/Remove NSCoins crash.
  • Re-Added the underground street phones and you now have the option to block any phone via the options menu on that street phone and any that are adjacent too.
  • Added a test to load up that spawns a known black listed vehicles to test if the mod can use blacklisted cars.
  • Added option to use addon cars planes helicopters and boats add via phone menu.
  • Some missions now use your custom adddon lists including import/export..
  • Peggasis menu now includes your custom adddon lists.
  • Fixed the Cayo fast travel race start bug.
  • Fixed BeaRandom fail.
  • Fixed bad edit of NSPMLanguage.Xml.

Version 2.0
  • Added a .log file for easy bug fixing.
  • Fixed fail for using any ifruitaddon with the no blip option.
  • Fixed the UFO abduction on follow.
  • Moved the barge/ramp for del pero beach.
  • Reduced Max loss and payout for import export.
  • DeRandomised Import Export now lists all avalable cars then goes through list randomly
  • Re done ambulance missions with hudreds of locations and diffrent illnesses and new FX for more variaty.
  • Boat delivery now distance and time taken effect payment.
  • Fubar will drive to mission destination automaticly with option to trip skip.
  • Fixed racist 1 lap instant complete bug.
  • Fixed fubar spawn fail when near aircraft/boats
  • Fixed trucking trailor colision on mission complete.
  • Fixed out of range fault on Bikers

Version 1.96
  • Fixed a compatability issue with having the island and the city loaded at the same time.
  • Fixed race lap 0 bug
  • Fixed yacht icon from dissapearing
  • Added a option to change the delay timer in the setings XML, is in 1000s of a second, i.e 1000 = 1 second
  • Fixed assasin mission walking guards bug

Version 1.95
  • After missing a major fault for far to long it's sloved big thanks to MaGeTo
  • Fixed the Cayo thief mission ArgumentOutOfRangeException fail.
  • Redirected the assasin walking peds back to original path.

Version 1.92
  • Reverted the SHVDN version back to v2.10.10. This is the version NSPM and Random Start was originaly built using.

Version 1.91
  • Reverted the SHVDN version back to 3.03.
  • Added loads of vectors to the fubar DB for the in mission transport.
  • Fixed Masive FPS Drop on race checkpoints.
  • Added a fix for mission vehicles that flip over before you can get to them.
  • Fixed the fire missions fire damage bars to now work....
  • Fixed the fubar fees bars to now work....

Version 1.9
  • Added fade in/out to fast travel option.
  • Added List checking system to reduce "FileNotFoundException" errors.
  • Added fade in/out to fast travel option.
  • Added street phones to Cayo Perico.
  • Added 5 more missions for Cayo Perico update.
  • Re-worked the phone dicovery system.
  • Re-worked Vecicle/Ped dicovery system.
  • Added most missing translations.
  • Added vehicle choice to Racist missions.
  • Added a int list to the ssettings XML to remove non object blips on forced reload.

Version 1.81
  • Fixed mod internal error.
  • Fixed Prop/Ped/Vehcle spawning to be more stable.
  • Fixed a broken prop spawn for yacht drinking.
  • Fixed yacht loadup bug when re-running yacht pirate mission.
  • Fixed ifruit tasks getting stuck on death/arrest.
  • Moved the NSCoin change Pop-up to a Notify.
  • added a floating marker to the Baylift cargo.
  • added a fail safe for stuck forklift on Baylift.

Version 1.8
  • Added yacht party to yacht drinks.
  • Fixed sitting in jacuzzi bug.
  • Added goto mission target for fubar cars.
  • Added disable phone audio option.
  • Fixed a null return crash for Hitman Mission.
  • Rebuilt the 'Phone finder' to be quicker and more stable.
  • Added some balancing to the NsInvestments RNG.

Version 1.73
  • Fixed a broken loop crash on yacht drinks.

Version 1.72
  • Fixed the Import Ex Vehicle names on phone menu.
  • Removed mini map for sleap,drink,wardrobe.
  • Improved the yacht drinking game.
  • Added version control to the settings XML for future improvments without losing current settings.
  • Fixed the Pass Fail big message persistance.(maby.. As needs confirmation of fix)

Version 1.71
  • Fixed the follow mission non fail on distance breach.
  • Fixed OP attacks on Import Export.
  • Added Damage to follow, collect vehicle.
  • Fixed silent crash on Pilot Brrrrt.
  • Fixed missing marker for enviromentalists on Pilot crop dusting.
  • Added some pre set outfits to Yacht Wardrobe/Attackin Player Peds Big thinks to "I'm Not MentaL" and "abstractmode" for providing Freemode outfits.

Version 1.7
  • Added a banking and invesment system.
  • All missions now pay out in NSCoins.
  • NSCoins can be swaped for Gta$ at 1:1.
  • Added contacts to phone that are activated on assosiated jobs.
  • Contacts are:.
  • -NSPM Bank- add remove NsCoins, Ns investments
  • -Fubar Cars- Not a taxi service!!, avalable after one Fubar mission free after 99 Fubar missions
  • -Import/Export- have the cars you find in Import/Export delivered to you when needed for a small fee
  • -Mk2 Weapons Man- purchase the Mk2 weapons with atachments and ammo.
  • -Pegasus Travel- unlock the Planes/helis/boats and specal vehicles by doing plane and boat missions.
  • -Police Bribes- clear upto 3 star wanted levels for small fee, avalable once helping the prison service.
  • -Medicare- on call paramedic, avalable once helping save the peds of los santos.
  • Rebalanced the payment system by making high paying jobs have neg effects on investments and low paying jobs have posative effect on investments.
  • Added a helper for hitman on how to stealth kill.
  • Added a helper for horn press on Fubar & Convicts.
  • Added a solid dot for area searches so can spot location on mini/main map easyer.
  • Added a fade out fail safe that starts a timer after fadeing out to auto fade in after 30sec.
  • Improved the shark Ai.
  • Added cargobob support for important exports
  • Added attacking goons for important exports
  • Added load online maps to startup to prevent freezeing when loading/unloading online assets.
  • Stoped irate neighbours from pulling you out the fubar vehicle.
  • Reduced the chance of a false prop or pickup causing a crash.
  • Reduced the distance required for an important expots car to appear.
  • Changed ending to barge cars now get to use cars at end of mission.
  • Added a random ambush to end of cargo collect.
  • Fixed some start on yacht faults, missing objects/not running sleap animation.
  • Changed the language encoding xml type.
  • I have changed ward file to outfits added an auto convert for old ward files to new outfit files so no need to change anything.
  • Fixed the Ied position and rotation.
  • added a price in NSCoins for yacht with option to alter price.

Version 1.6
  • Added 5 new mission types see above.
  • Fixes to language file.
  • Fixed trucking dissapearing truck/trailer bug.
  • Fixed crash from loading unknowen ped.
  • Fixed Load up on yacht.
  • Fixed menu system.
  • Removed Death/Arrest option now is set to On
  • Added a fast travel option
  • Added an enemy strength option, this reduces damage by peds
  • Added name your own outfits to wardrobe, still compatable with pre 1.5 outfit xml's

Version 1.5
  • Fixed phone fail on quit menu.
  • Fixed ambulance mission peds in high places bug.

Version 1.5
  • Re-worked the options xml into an options menu.
  • Made loading in more compatable with Random Start.
  • Removed death/arrest option (is now just set to on) and added a prevent rockstart capture option.
  • Fixed fire cat mission fail, where the cat owner dies or flees from player.
  • Fixed the message instructions to Notification when bSubtitles are set to false.

Version 1.4.3
  • Had a missplaced 'or' command that could erase the players current vehicle.

Version 1.4.2
  • Left in a close action replay command.
  • Had spawn on boat comented out.

Version 1.4.1
  • Water- fixed the Ui time and count fault thanks to Kubanetz.
  • Fixed player ped faces not being customised when using wardrobe versions.

Version 1.4
  • Pilot- fixed the spawn hights of the planes.
  • Follow- fixed the search area crash/no vehicles appear.
  • Follow- & -MoneyMan- fixed amunation doors not opening when using a non storymode character.
  • Johhny- altered the complete delivery and player spawn.
  • Racist- given option to race solo also fixed some AI racer issues, fixed missing timer before finish line, and rerouted the cycle race area 3.
  • MoneyMan- Reworked the attack parts and leveled the pay acording to the attack difficulty.
  • Water- area one, reworked the defend sellers vehicle part now the vehicle barges have motion.
  • Water- area two, changed the del perrio yacht to the heist yacht, added option to keep the yacht as a player house.
  • Water- area three, Altered the signal area, tidyed up the timer.
  • Fixed the ring tone and bank alarm to use the in game 3d sound.
  • Changed the interaction Ui to use key/control symbols and display in top left of screen.
  • Now using natives to spawn vehicles so now has all the DLC vehcles in the spawn list.
  • I've found that the ocational bug of peds not following task sequences is because they are unsafe, so i remmoved them and made my own sequence snipet.
  • Have made a few more sequental randoms, which get reset on reload so the missions are more vaired.
  • The wardrobe saves your current outfit with some included. this includes freemode charicters and will use your saved outfits on random generated freemode charicters .
  • Added and change some of the dialogue, so if you are using a Lang.xml you will need to update to latest version..

Version 1.3.2
  • Made the job selection sequentual.
  • Changed the hitman missions to run in order 1-5 for all 6 areas
  • Fixed some script rejection problems.
  • Fixed a red nut spawn crash.
  • Fixed a persistant UI bar fault.

Version 1.3.1
  • Fixed Language files.
  • Fixed Red Nut Air Race is missing its time counter.
  • Fixed some script rejection problems.
  • Removed the on mission flag to fix the auto save problem.

Version 1.3
  • Loads of Bug fixes.
  • Revamped all mission see list..
  • Added new missions.
  • More options like Death/Arrest misson fail and driving style for follow missions.

Version 1.2
  • Fixed the multipule damage cost Ui, on bJohnnySpot missions.
  • Fixed the broken phones ringing.
  • Fixed followers getting removed with vehicle on prison mission and capture vehicle from follow mission.
  • Fixed missing code that resulted in Missing $ for doing Fuber,Amulance, and fire mission.
  • Fixed disgruntled taxi drivers not attacking the fubar car.

Version 1.1
  • Fixed the multipule damage cost Ui, on bJohnnySpot missions.--failed still not fixed.
  • Stoped the underground street phones from activating.
  • Fixed issue with drivers not driving.
  • Lowered ring volume and added a no sound if in vehicle.

Version 1.0
  • First release


--Rockstar Games
--Alexander Blade
--I'm Not MentaL
--Anyone else may have missed.

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