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  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @nenlee Ok, estou feliz que seu jogo não está mais travando e está funcionando corretamente agora.

    1 hour ago
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @Dima4887 Is there any way to make this suit fit the main three charactors: Michael, Franklin and Trevor? I don't use freemode mp male charactors when I play, I always use either one of the main charactors.

    před 7 dny
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @Vanilla works Why don't you guys allow players to upload demo videos of this car? A demo video shows much more details on how this vehicle drives, how it looks from all angles, how it sounds and this and that and the other thing. Much more better than looking at four flat pictures.

    před 8 dny
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @Eddlm I noticed that the oiv only replaces the materials.dat at: mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\materials\ but there's another path in the archive as well where materials.dat is also located: mods\common.rpf\data\materials\. Should I manually replace the materials.dat at that path too or leave that one untouched?

    před 8 dny
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @Zonagg I deleted the video because I just got rid of this mod, it never worked properly anyways plus this dude jedijosh920 never really updates his mods and doesn't respond to comments when people ask him questions.

    před 8 dny
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @vict Hey, you asked me to give you a link to the oiv package I created for Alex106's "Map Fixes" version 10.24. I created that oiv mainly for myself to make it easier to install all those ybn files. I did offered it to Alex106 but, he couldn't take it because he said that there's always the possibility of Rockstar updating collisions in the future but for now it works perfectly with the current 2628.2 patch and it may work just fine for future patches, as long as Rockstar doesn't change the paths of those files.

    I couldn't find you on Discord based on the information you gave me but, I uploaded the oiv to, here's the link >

    If you got friends that also use Alex106's "Map Fixes" mod and want to make it easier for them to install all those ybn files in the "MP Map Collisions Fixes" folder just give them that link.

    19. červen 2022
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    This is a beautifully designed "concept" aircraft and I like it, that's why I added it to my list of add-on aircrafts and I'm giving it a nice 4 stars but, beware.....This jet is very heavy with very short wings and a narrow fuselage and extremely difficult to maneuver in midair, specially if you're trying to land. The design of this aircraft reminds me of those paper planes I used to fly around the classroom in school.

    First of all, make sure you got a really long runway before taking off because even after you take off the aircraft is so heavy that it takes a few seconds to go higher and if you're not paying attention and don't have enough space you can easily crash into those spotlights at the end of the runway or something else. Also, you have to keep this jet at a constant high speed while flying because as soon as you begin to slow down it becomes increasingly difficult to control and doing barrel rolls with this thing is a NO NO!! It will stall in midair like a metal brick. When attempting to land make sure to set the waypoint way ahead of whatever runway you're landing on because you will need ample time to visually see the runway before you land. If you set the waypoint like right at the beginning of the runway you WILL NOT be able to land this thing.

    Anyways, nice jet! like it. Very challenging to fly. Great for flying high though.

    16. červen 2022
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @nenlee Bem, a versão recomendada é a versão 4.8 mais recente, mas se tudo estiver funcionando bem com sua versão "pirata" do jogo com a versão 4.7.1 .NET framework mais antiga, mantenha-a. Eu ainda encorajo você a comprar uma cópia legítima do gta 5 se você puder pagar.

    11. červen 2022
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @GTA_lover24k That comment is old. I created a custom dlc for add-on cars since. Much better to combine add-on vehicles into a single dlc.

    09. červen 2022
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @Alex106 Hey listen, you probably don't remember but, back in December 2021, I suggested an oiv package for all those ybn files in the "MP Map Collisions Fixes" folder and you said you're weren't gonna create one. I don't blame you, it's kind of tedious creating an oiv package. I personally create them all the time for different mods whenever they contain multiple files that have to be installed manually and also to make it easier to reinstall whenever Rockstar decides to do a patch update. Everytime they do an update everyone has to reinstall all their mods back in, which is a long tedious process, specially if certain mods, like this one, has multiple files that have to be reinstalled manually.

    Anyways, I decided to create an oiv package, mainly for myself, for all those ybn files in the "MP Map Collisions Fixes" folder. I tested it out and installs successfully. If you're interested I can give you a copy and you can include it in your mod's download. I'll give you a link from where you can download it from (I will need your Discord in order to give you the link, unless you don't mind me putting here). The only thing I'll ask is for you to credit me, JAM102970, on the "Special Thanks" section as the creator of the oiv for the "MP Map Collisions Fixes". If you don't want it that's fine too, no problem.

    Just to give you some more information on the oiv package:

    1. The oiv package is for the most recent 2628.2 patch (it will work for previous patch and possibly for future patches, unless they change the paths of those ybn files).

    2. It includes all the ybn files in the folders for this 10.24 version: ap1_03, bh1_03, bh1_04, ch2_05c, cs1_02, cs1_08, cs1_12, cs3_04, cs3_07, cs4_06, dt1_20, dt1_21, h4_yacht, hw1_rd, kt1_rd, mph4_beach, mph4_island, po1_06, sm_16 and ss1_11. (NOTE: Obviously, if you add new collision fixes to the "MP Map Collisions Fixes" folder in the future those are not gonna be included in this oiv.)

    So, like I said, if you want it I'll give you a copy. I will need your Discord so I can give you the download link, unless you don't mind me putting it here. Once you download it make a second copy of it and open it up so you can inspect the assembly.xml and confirm all the ybn files are there with their corresponding paths, so you won't think I'm bs-ing you.

    If you're not interested and don't want it then that's fine too. I'm just trying to make it easier for players to install those ybn files, instead of doing it manually. Let me know.

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    08. červen 2022