Nitro (Xbox Joystick support) 2.0



What is it?
This mod enables nitro in singleplayer. Cruise around Los Santos in another way

Developed by Paulo Henrique Kava de Souza, aka PhK.

  • Requirements:
    Latest ScriptHookV version;
    GTA V in latest version.

    Drag and drop all files into your GTA V folder.

    In-game, if you haven't set up auto activation, press the "activateKeyScript" key to start the mod;
    In-game, press DPAD RIGHT + A to able or disable the script;
    Press W and SHIFT or SHIFT (if useWKey=0) to use Nitro;
    Press A to use Nitro;

    Bonus Update!:
    - Drive recklessly around Los Santos to earn extra bonus nitro points. Go against the traffic, reach unthinkable speeds to refill your nitro even faster!
    New option in the .ini file (bonus) to toggle if you want to earn more points each nitro refill cycle;
    Bug fixes.
    1.0.1 (FINAL FIX):
    Minor bug fixes;
    Performance issues fixes;
    There's a new option on the .ini file (flameMultiplier) that you can set the size of the flame from the exhaustor;
    I know I said that, but this is the very last version.
    1.0 (FINAL):
    Minor bug fixes;
    BACKFIRE ON EXHAUSTORS (finally) - Using @Eddlm's code;
    The mod will not be update anymore from now.
    A new menu was added for you to set the options inside the game (the .ini file still present there and you can edit there too) - There's no control support yet;
    The Nitro Bar was redesigned, now it's more detailed.;
    Shake joystick (shakeJoystick) -> Your controller will shake when you press A to use the nitro;
    Auto Activate (autoActive) -> After some requests I made it. Put 1 in the autoActive key to auto active the mod;
    Fun mode (funMode) -> Press NUMPAD1 (or the key that you put in the file) to make the nitro bar colors change every second (working in a way to active this feature with controller, probably in 0.8);
    Nitro Bar colors -> Now when the nitro's value is minor than 50 the bar will be colored with yellow, and minor than 25, red;
    Nitro Bar design -> The thick of the nitro bar is minor now. The background of the bar is now with more alpha;
    Nitro value (showNitroValue) -> This shows the value of nitro bar in an integer value under the nitro bar.

    Known issues:
    There are no issues reported. :)

    Bugs or suggestions:
    • Report at the comments field.

    Brasil 2021
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