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This started off as a simple invisibility mod + "everyone ignores player" and "cops ignore player" (found in most trainers), but has become something quite fun to use imo, so I thought I'd share it. It is based off of the Optical Camouflage technology from Ghost Recon:Future Soldier.

- Makes the player slightly camouflaged.
- Enemies with guns will try shooting in certain directions while you are camouflaged in an attempt to injure you.
- Enemies with melee weapons will try to go into cover because they can't see you.
- Whenever you get injured, your position is given away. Imagine it as if enemies can see your blood lol
- If you do certain attacks (shoot a gun, punch someone, etc.), your position is given away. Still working on this!
- Driving a car will obviously give away your position.
- Using the Camo for too long will cause it to overheat, and you will have to wait for it to cool down before you can use it again. (Anyone know how to add a small heat/smoke effect on the player?)
- Turning off the Camo before it overheats allows it to recharge, and you can use it again at any time, as long as you don't overheat it.
- Most pedestrians that see you use the Camo (either when you "disappear" or "appear" close to them) will freak out and run/drive away.
- While Camouflaged, pedestrians will not notice you, even if you're pointing a gun at them. Still working on this; they may still react to you when you "run" too close to them.
- INI file to change some settings.
New in version 1.1 - Hardcore settings!
You can pick and choose them via the INI file.
- Stealth Movement mode: Optical Camo only works if you are in Stealth mode, making it much more similar to Ghost Recon.
- "Can't get too close!": Getting close to an enemy will give away your position, and they will start shooting at you.
- Enemies can see your floating weapon and will proceed to aim in your direction.
Also added:
- Overheating effect: you will generate smoke when the Camo starts overheating, which will attract and cause your enemies to shoot at you.
- Dispatch Cops toggle: Enabled by default; lets you choose whether to keep sending cops to your location or not. Disabling this may make things too easy!
New in version 1.5
- Enemies in helicopters and tanks will no longer know where you are when camouflaged (tanks will shoot in random directions in an attempt to hit you).
- Added a "trail light" effect when camouflaged (toggle-able in the ini file).
- Enemies won't spot you right away when you enter a vehicle, they will only notice once you start moving.
- Enemies won't always spot you right away if you use a weapon or punch someone.
New in version 1.6
- You can now change the toggle keys in the ini file
- If you have bodyguards, they will use Optical Camo too!
New in version 2.0
- Added Walk Through Walls ability. See below or the ini settings for controls.
- Added invisible weapons. (Thanks @GeorgeZhang !!!)
- Speech reactions when peds see you use the camo (Thanks to @jedijosh920 !!!)
- Vehicles will now run over you when you are camouflaged and standing in their way.
- Police will no longer know where you are, as long as you are camouflaged. They will even drive right past you in most cases!

Default Controls:
- Hold RB (Handbrake/Cover button) and press DPad UP to toggle the mod.
- Hold the Sprint button and press DPad UP to toggle Walk Through Walls. Optical Camouflage must be enabled as well.

- Hold CTRL (Stealth key) and press Jump (Spacebar) to toggle the mod.
- Tap the L key to toggle Walk Through Walls. Optical Camouflage must be enabled as well.

1.0 First release.
1.1 Added "Hardcore" settings to give more of a challenge! Please see the added items at the bottom of the Feature list.
1.1.1 Fixed (hopefully) a compatibility bug with Eddlm's "LSPD: Dangerous Individuals" mod (it caused cops to shoot at you despite being a "cop" yourself).
1.5 Aside from the new features mentioned above, there were 2 bug fixes:
Fixed lag that some PCs may have experienced.
Cops will stop "shaking" while mod is on (it looks smoother).
1.6 Now you can set your own toggle keys.
Also, any bodyguards you have will use Optical Camouflage too!
2.0 Aside from the new features mentioned above, the script should run a bit smoother now.


Place the "scripts" folder in your GTA 5 installation directory.
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