SoB's Extreme Difficulty Health Realism 1_06c

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Visceral, brutal, and hard as hell. Actually realistic. One bad hit will ruin your day.

Sob's Ultrahard Health Realism

The mod is NOT broken by updates in any way. It has always worked, and probably always will work.

This mod IS compatible with GTA Redux (x64t and x64u were corrupted on my build, so they were removed), Pickups, and many other mods.

It replaces my realistic concussions and fatigue mod and is not compatible with it or anything that alters max health, max armor, or walk type/gait type for the player. If any other mods you run alter weapon damage, please understand this may alter the functioning of this mod. Yoits' mod is an excellent example of a conflicting mod.

This mod's purpose is to give you actually realistic health, coupled with gait and posture changes.

This mod works well with mods that alter vehicle deformation toward realistic levels, as well as mods that spread out weapon fire to make it more inaccurate.

This mod abstractly simulates injuries in a pleasingly realistic way.

Armor is limited with an extremely low cap; it's better than nothing, but doesn't amount to too much (level II concealable is the only thing you can get as a civvie; if you wanna do a mission in the EOD suit I recommend temporarily editing the armor level back up or w/e)

Use this mod with my You Know Nothing mod, and my Realistic disorientation mod! Recommended to use with no 1st person mod, as well as remove reticle/crosshair (an obscure frontend.xml edit mod).

I highly recommend playing the campaign with these. I also play with my no 2nd person mod with very high default weapon spread. It makes the game more difficult and cinematically brutal. I also recommend arrest warrant-type mods, anything forcing you to abide by traffic laws, and any no-crosshairs mod. No crosshairs plus 2nd person only mods make the game far more difficult when combined with weapon spread and @Eddlm's excellent is also recommended (version 2.3, but nothing later, as that author began to include conflicting elements to later versions).

Another must-have is a materials.dat file that allows bullets to penetrate drywall and car doors and the like. You can find one in Redux or Rippler's. Obviously intermediate level OpenIV skills are needed for this; I leave you to your own research.


Drop the CS file into your /scripts folder.


Scripthook V
Community Scripthook V

Have fun!


106a to 106b: fixed an error that crashed the no ui text file
106c: The UI text feedback was buggy and has been removed in favor of a cleaner no-ui version. Player health was very slightly increased.

This mod assumes that your basic 9mm will do 24-26 base damage, your basic 7.62 NATO round will do around 44-47, and your 5.56 round will do around 28-30 base damage.

you can alter this shit in any way you like. It's a video game; it's fine.
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