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This SDK allows you to write ScriptHookV ASI plugins for GTA V using Free Pascal.
The whole Native Database has been converted from C to Pascal - every requirement to compile a working ASI, is included in the package.

Do not start a new Lazarus project! Just open the LPI file with Lazarus 64-bit.

All of my ASI script mods use this SDK, they work without problems.

If you find ANY BUGS, non-working functions, please comment!

Anyway - the main idea behind Pascal GTA scripting is not just the syntax, but I failed to set the C compiler and linker properly, so it could not link to ScriptHookV DLL. Pascal can generate the import library from source code - no need to set the compiler.

Change Log:

v1: First public version

Natives are converted from an OLD version of NativeDB

v1.1: Lots of previously unnamed Natives finally got normal names. Also, some of the original names have changed. Cfloat-to-Uint64 reinterpret casts are now changed to be in-place (no function call overhead).

Natives are converted from nbase
source code:

v1.1 w/doc: added the worldGetAll functions. Short FAQ and doc included!

v1.1.1: updated eGameVersion enumeration

v1.2: MAJOR BUGFIX: natives which return floats, will work now as expected!

1.2.1: updated eGameVersion enumeration

1.2.2: fixed createTexture function definition
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