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Empty Map
Most GTA V map mods are placed far out to the ocean, next to San Andreas. However, if you want to do a Total Conversion mod, you'll need an empty map. Here it is.
This mod removes San Andreas from the game, so you'll get a nice, empty map. Now you can place your map anywhere you want.

NOTE, this mod requires you to override the original storyline script first. You can use GTAVOverride by Konijima, or Your Own Storyline (YOS) by me.
This mod may not be compatible with mods, that stick to the original storyline or original map.

The props definitions are kept turned on, so you can use the original props in your custom map.
Also, North Yankton is still available, because the original script tries to load it, before they can be killed.

Change log
1.0: first version
1.0b: no more traffic LODs. Demo script included.
1.0c: re-enabled and modified some original DLCs (however, one is still disabled!)
1.0d: map fixes, map tutorial, "water fog" neutralized, far LOD of San Andreas removed
1.0e: GTA V 1.0.877.1 version (new DLCs supported)
1.0f: fixed DLC map overrides - now uses a custom Map Disabler. Thanks to @MrVicho13
1.0g: fixed some stray collisions that remained active.
1.0h: GTA V 1.0.1868.0 version. Shadow & rain issues solved. Deactivated some map overrides.

If your game crashed, revert to the older version!
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