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    Didn’t work for me when I enter just went to a black loading screen. Ive also try to install EAI but when the game is almost complete to load the story mode then i get a error on SHV beacause of EAI please will someone help me? Thank you

    24. únor 2022
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    Thank you very much for this mod! Im very happy, it fix a lot of problems for me. There are two things that I liked to by fixed later on: 1. When I reload my scripts he will get stuck on "Loading online" then the game will hang on this forever. 2. When I load this yacht: Then he spawn not good the first time, when I try to reload my scripts, sometimes are everything allright after doing this, sometimes the game get stuck on point 1 of my message.
    I hope that you will keep up the good work that you did so far! Have a nice day.

    27. březen 2021