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  • E9e5a8

    It's tuna and turtle time, boys! There's fun to be had with this one.

    25. srpen 2020
  • E9e5a8

    Ah yes, a new update for ENT. Good thing it wasn't 44.4 or it would have upset a certain gun-wielding stand user-

    18. srpen 2020
  • E9e5a8

    I could suggest a name change of this to something along the lines of 'Polycrawler' or 'Angula' ,so the GTA SA fans don't tear you a new one for 'violating the name of the Savanna'. It's an amazing mod, but the main gripe is the choice of name.

    05. srpen 2020
  • E9e5a8

    Eef. Gonna work some more magic.

    " 'Hove Beach is my place of work. Loan sharking is my main business, and selling fake sneakers, branded hoodies and watches is a side hustle, both get 'em every time.' 'I have two doors and a hatch body, I'm about to try and race some poor bastard in that Cheburek over there on the Ring Road, watch me!' Nothing screams both those vainglorious statements like the RUNE BIstro, a compact two-door hatchback equipped with pure Soviet-era power... if what you're looking for could be beaten by a Premier on a drag strip. It could possibly beat a Panto, though."

    22. červenec 2020
  • E9e5a8

    I wonder if louvers could be added in as an extra. This is so close to being what could have been seen in late 90s-early 00s LC

    08. červenec 2020
  • E9e5a8

    Coming in again. Sorry if I've made myself overabundant, but writing the descriptions for these feels weirdly addicting to me.

    "If you saw this anywhere back in the 90s, chances were you've found yourself in an area of the affluent, the filthy rich that's been despised by lower classes since the beginning of society. As if the Second British invasion in terms of broody, dystopian new wave and radical androgynous fashion wasn't enough for the time, imported British luxury had stepped onto the scene in America, retooled on the inside for American needs. A San Fierro classic, whilst only having 3 doors on hand, can be yours for what would equal about $100,000 today in San Andreas' unnecessarily hyperinflated economy."

    08. červenec 2020
  • E9e5a8

    Oop. Props to Patão for putting in the descriptions I whipped up in the comments of both the Tunak and the Pakunek, so I thought I'd continue with the favors. From TX with love for these lore-friendly cars.

    "The Furzen has a rather interesting history. Originally made for a dictator that's gone down in the books of infamy with a global war on his hands, it became a symbol of American counterculture in the 1960s, mainly those who went down Route 69 from Midway to San Fierro and wore flowers in their grown-out hair while doing tabs and filling their Campers with 15 year old cooking oil. This made the popularity of the Furzen skyrocket, with the classic 'small car of the century' gaining a well-revered status it continues to retain today."

    05. červenec 2020
  • E9e5a8

    Aaa. Came with another description for this, if applicable.

    "It's seen itself plastered all over the world for various uses, either it be serving as a taxicab or a simple grocery-getter. Enter a newcomer in San Andreas that might do it good for once, the Raji Tunak - a symbol of what people most commonly associate with the sights of pop-up ads that supply a toll-free number to amend the claim of your computer having malware, the hippies and their shared acid dream of the 1960s, and the sounds of sitars and tambourines that came with both. It has a purpose here: to reduce smog in Los Santos, and carry around more walking blobs who eat too much Cluckin' Bell and corn feed a day."

    02. červenec 2020
  • E9e5a8

    Oof. I saw descriptions for the other vehicles and I wonder if people tried giving it a shot with this one.

    "The Polish-Korean love child of a joint venture between manufacturers Bollokan and GFP (Gówniana Fabryka Pojazdów), the Pakunek lumbers its way onto the streets of Los Santos as the Boxville's Eastern European second cousin once removed. Great for getting parcels to people's front porches at sub-par speeds, being an ambulance bearing somewhat higher quality than the Ametista, and standing in as a motorhome for those who were forced to be shown dancing and rapping on an '80s videotape for being society's lowest of the low, the Pakunek won't do you wrong."

    25. červen 2020
  • E9e5a8

    Apparently for most people, including me, installing this mod basically bricks their game, even if they have what is required installed. It seems solutions vary by the person, but for now we may have to rely on a solution that works with most people, or just hold off on this until they actually get to updating this for 1868.1

    26. duben 2020