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    @LMLY I have written that with such a mod you CANNOT play official online, any modifications to the game will lead to a ban, so it seems that the OpenIV plugin has such a check built in to protect you, it is in your own interests.

    19 hours ago
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    @vikasking7 @BattleMine_R
    All instructions are in the archive, EVEN THE VIDEO.

    Everything is described there down to the smallest detail; as a last resort, there is a video for the most savvy.

    no, I won’t add physics, I already tried to do this once, the chest just starts to hang much lower (mainly because the bones in the model are so positioned, I can’t edit the skeleton using 3ds max). Also, if there is breast physics, you will have to edit a bunch of clothes, such as bras.

    For bullet holes, blood, and stains to appear, the model must have UV2, i.e. sweep in the second channel.

    Thank you, I just tried to leave the mesh as original as possible, I just added the buttocks and vagina

    19 hours ago
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    Dude, I told you a long time ago that you have accumulated a bunch of errors in the archive, just rebuild it again, defragmentation doesn’t even help it. Here's an example:
    dlc_original.rpf - 0.97gb
    dlc_defragmentation.rpf - 392mb
    dlc_rebuild.rpf - 63mb

    You must understand that several 512x512 models and textures cannot take up a whole gigabyte; usually, that’s how much a whole game update weighs.

    před jedním dnem
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    @ReNNie Can users even add tags themselves?

    před 4 dny
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    @Gabryvalse The original dlclist is always located at

    When mods are installed, it is in

    Every time you update the game, you need to update update.rpf and dlclist.xml in it, adding the necessary lines with your installed mods, adding new lines to those already existing in the update, and not copying the old file.

    07. únor 2024
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    What's the point of installing another mod when such a function is available in Simple Trainer or Menyoo, which are installed by 99% of gta v users.

    04. únor 2024
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    @JonJonGames only for some reason with translation into Spanish, there are so many options that translation was simply necessary

    02. únor 2024
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    @ItsJustCurtis Could you add more hotkeys for different options? For example, a quick change of costumes or at least opening this menu for the player.
    For some reason I also didn’t find the weather for X-mas, there is denser fog and more snow.

    02. únor 2024
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    @SkiLL1991 Yes, the face chosen is one of the worst and there is no way to change it, because the main characters have only one head, and the mod simply replaces all models with similar ones from the female character. The author didn't even give any choice.
    I have the same thing, I installed everything as needed, but when I start the game I get a ScriptHook error, all my mods are disabled and the game starts in its original form, so to speak.

    24. leden 2024
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    @semonstore turn off these keys
    SpawnRandomKey1=0 // Spawn Random Vehicle Default LALT
    SpawnRandomKey2=0 // Spawn Random Vehicle Default R

    20. leden 2024