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    @qux There's no automatic way of converting the mp/dlc clothes to the regular peds. Would have to use a 3D program to import each piece and resize/tailor it to the ped model, re-weight the piece and fine tune those weights so it looks ok when moving.

    Trying to convert something like that mod would be quite a bit of work.

    11. říjen 2022
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    @-EcLiPsE- Thank you.

    @qux The default ambientpedmodelsets.meta and popgroups.ymt files were set to always have the afy beach ped spawn with the accs 001/cloth part in select parts of the beach.
    But with my mod I have the one-piece suit in the accs 001 slot, so it would always spawn in along with some of the other parts (like the bikini) in some situations. Editing those two files would just remove the requirement of having that part always be included in those scenarios.
    I also included an edit (for 'SUNLOUNGER') to not use certain parts, so that when the ped is scripted to run into the surf, it wouldn't be fully clothed.
    But I can see about making a version where you wouldn't have to edit those files.

    08. říjen 2022
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    @KaraT Got a version of the afybeach01 ped just about ready to go. Only a few more bits and it will ship.

    03. říjen 2022
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    @anaylor14 Yeah, I'll probably make a version of the a_f_y_bevhills_01 ped for release at some point in the future.

    13. duben 2022
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    @gtavjamal I updated the description. Should be (under S_F_Y_Baywatch_01) - change this line: <PropsName>null</PropsName> to: <PropsName>S_F_Y_Baywatch_01_p</PropsName>

    08. duben 2022
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    @-EcLiPsE- Thanks man

    07. duben 2022
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    @TakutoSenpai I'll have a look at it.

    30. březen 2022
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    @-EcLiPsE- Yep, made for something suitable to replace the default clothes. Was trying to get around the issue ZM3 has when working with peds that utilize ped_wrinkle on the upper parts, where the uv#2/blood map for those gets lost on export. Finally came across a workaround for that issue, which worked for the for the a_f_y_eastsa_02 ped. As for the female Vagos ped, I should be able to fix it, no problem.

    30. březen 2022
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    @BadDecision Yep my bad, had a setting swapped in the ymt file, will be fixed in the 1.0a version.

    27. březen 2022
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    @WolfFire23309 What I did for the swat ped was change the texId values of the head part in the .ymt file (the first block of <hash_68AC8351> in the file represents the head part) that were set to "2" (bla) and "4" (lat) to "1" (whi), so that it matches up to the voice packs that are available. Then in the .ytd file rename the head_diff _bla and _lat to _whi so the textures don't wonk out in the game. Spawned a bunch of the swats in-game with Simple Trainer and all four of the voice packs were eventually being utilized.

    Don't think it's possible to make specific awc files and have them referenced for the _bla and _lat designations, not yet anyway.

    26. březen 2022