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    [also forgot to give you 5stars before]

    před 4 dny
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    Can you please add disable/enable option for [status hidden when phone is active]?
    I use mod that hides HUD and Minimap when phone is not active so I can't see my hunger&sleep status now.
    [For immersive gameplay, GPS, map, infos, etc. are in the phone so I must have phone in hand to know them]
    Thank you.

    před 4 dny
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    This is how CarDealership.ini looks like, is it suppose to be like that?
    SLOT1FULL = False
    SLOT1PRICE = 0
    SLOT2FULL = False
    SLOT1PRICE1 = 0 <<< PRICE1?
    SLOT3FULL = False
    SLOT3PRICE = 0
    SLOT4FULL = False
    SLOT4PRICE = 0
    SLOT5FULL = False
    SLOT5PRICE = 0
    SLOT6FULL = False
    SLOT6PRICE = 0
    SLOT7FULL = False
    SLOT7PRICE = 0
    SLOT2PRICE = 0 <<< shouldn't this be instead of "SLOT1PRICE1" ^^ ?

    před 5 dny
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    Drive by.
    Driveby accuracy is little(A LOT!!) bit too high. I had been hit many times by a guy in vehicle that was running in fast sideways, bouncing all around on bumpy terrain from more than 100 meters while I was crouched behind obstacle.
    Gang of dealers shouldn't have accuracy and steadiness of some highly trained special forces and marksmans.

    Incoming cops.
    They are like 100% useless.
    1. They use sirens so I'm alerted when they approach. (in reality would police raid announce it's arrival to everyone?)
    2. I shot them in car from distance before they become alerted (8m alert distance is way to low. at least 30m bare minimum) and after they are killed they keep coming and coming and I keep killing and killing while still dealing uninterrupted.
    -What do you think of having 10m alert distance on first car and if they are killed(or there is not response from them after some time if they become stuck) next car alert increases to 20m (+another car added for support +cops have guns now, not only tasers) and if they are killed/stuck next car(s) increase to 40m (+2 cars for support +shotguns).. etc.
    -Also I can "glitch" police. If I'm dealing in some narrow alley and they somehow get stuck with car (can't go back and forth) it's even better than killing them. I can deal uninterupted, they are stuck beyond alert distance, so no new cops are sent.

    Otherwise mod mechanics are great, I have been using some features (inventory, stash houses) far beyond how it was intended to be, but as others said, please add options so everyone can tweak values to their needs. Thank you.

    06. leden 2022
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    This is great, thanks.
    I like that you need to pay to remove stars, not just run into some place, much more realistic.

    Would it be problem to add safepoint locations coordinates in .ini, so that everyone can add/change customize them?

    26. listopad 2021
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    Works great, thanks.

    26. listopad 2021
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    Everything works fine, .ini options too.
    But after van delivery to destination and exit out of vehicle I get teleported back to outside of families house. If this is intended action, can you please add .ini option to turn off teleport part and just leave my character at delivery location?

    25. listopad 2021
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    I'm not going to download it 'cause I know I won't play it, but this kind of creative thinking and mods gets my full support.

    24. listopad 2021
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    What do you think about this suggestion?
    In game we have "paper/coins" money, one that is in character's pocket and bank "wire" money.
    And then we have stock trade market where we can buy/sell/deposit/withdraw thru our phone/computers with pocket money. AND! this is what is unrealistic to me.
    IRL I can't just put and pull out coins and bills in/out of my phone... I need a "wired" money for internet transactions.
    So, what do you think about adding .ini option that you can internet trade stocks (deposit, withdraw, transfer..) and buy other internet stuff like on that site with vehicles only with "wired" money?

    Loose money on death option is great immersive thing but I can somehow cheat my way out by quickly depositing money on stocks when I'm in some dangerous zones and situations (and not lose it if I get killed) and then pull it out when in some safe area. Having this option would prevent it.

    22. listopad 2021
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    This is great.
    Will this work next to original mod or will you add something like crew.cs from original mod?

    I'm asking because I've edited original mod, but my crews are hookers with sns pistols/tasers, hobos, metheads with hammers, broken bottles, rednecks with revolvers... lots of local trash people at many locations like under bridges, abandoned motels, stinky bars, back alleys... where you can give disposable lowlife 100$ to follow you around and you just use them as cannon fodder shield..
    And would love to still have ability to have them + your mod options and crews.

    21. listopad 2021