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    The bike model is great as usual. Tires look weird to me.

    About Bati sound, you could also use Avarus sound, since it sort of has the low grunt sound of banger R1 with Akrapovic exhaust. It does miss the super high revs though. Imo it makes Bati sound seem like it was made for a moped.

    24. říjen 2018
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    10/10 one of the best vanilla edits.

    Using it with Avarus sound + RDV & manual transmission. Match made in heaven.

    I took the liberty and added "nrg900_detail" from racing Bati to it so it has golden chain too. 11/10 now.

    23. říjen 2018
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    @KallusRourke I use some vanilla edits like Bestia GT and edited Infernus and they're fine. Also Manchez EVO (replace) which works without major issues.

    I wouldn't bother that much with completely different or wildly altered vehicle models.

    18. říjen 2018
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    It no longer has hideous ass. Looks great!

    Chrome door handles, round dual or quad exhausts and rear diffusor would make this beauty even better.

    Altough I have zero clue if those are possible. Things like secondary color roof and mirrors would be cool to see also.

    20. srpen 2018
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    @gamerpro023 I don't even have a drivers licence, only motorcycle licence :D I do like cars, simulators and motorcycles etc.

    I use these mods mainly for the awesome motorcycle handling. Powersliding with BF400 and Manchez is too much fun. The quite realistic, ridiculously fast superbikes are also nice.

    02. srpen 2018
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    For those who have issues with braking: install Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support v4.6.3 and use engine braking by downshifting.

    31. červenec 2018