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  • Ccfeee 82406639 207916496902657 1018853954433318912 n

    Good to see an old modder back.
    Any chance for some tuning for one of these 2017 Ford GTs?
    We don't have a single one w/ a nice tuning kit except for the Le MANSORY one. Only some splitters/canards and color changes for some of them at best. I'm talking stuff like NFS Heat's body kits.

    před 7 dny
  • Ccfeee 82406639 207916496902657 1018853954433318912 n

    Hate to be that person but how does this compare to mods like Eddlm's ARS, Impromptu Races, Street Races, Drag Meets, etc.? (If you're familiar with them. If not, nvm, I'll compare myself I guess.)

    07. červen 2022
  • Ccfeee 82406639 207916496902657 1018853954433318912 n

    I see. I must've misunderstood you; apologies. I hate when people do that, but honestly, it's the people who actually pay for mods that are to blame, especially when they pay for mods whose ownership they cannot verify.
    There's nothing we can do about these idiots, unfortunately. And there are so many of them paying for stolen mods that there's people taking advantage of it (e.g. Przemo) and doing this as a business, making lots of money. (What I mean by "as a business" is like a legit business with advertisements, their own websites, discords, etc.)

    On the other hand, it's paid mods they resell illegally, 99% of the time, not free mods. And as I'm against the monetization of game mods, I'm somewhat glad they leak them. So I'm "neutral" about that I'd say. I despise paywalls and such as much as I despise thieves. Both are thieves to me. One's just doing it "lawfully" - just like our governments. To hell with that.

    Either way, thank you for whatever mods you have provided us with for free, and good luck with whatever you do next.

    05. červen 2022
  • Ccfeee 82406639 207916496902657 1018853954433318912 n

    Not to be rude but...

    1) If you're doing this for money, just don't do it at all, honestly. They're called donations for a reason. And this is not the right website for money making either. Try something like Patreon.

    2) You converted someone else's work, from my understanding. Would the model's creator be getting any money off your conversion? Doesn't look like it.

    04. červen 2022
  • Ccfeee 82406639 207916496902657 1018853954433318912 n

    Now that's a car.
    Sure, it may have minor issues like the speedometer thing Angelica mentoned, but I'd rather have cars like this with 100 tiny issues like these than the usual "Super cool Lamborghini Huracan" of which we already have 100 versions.
    Thank you.

    16. květen 2022
  • Ccfeee 82406639 207916496902657 1018853954433318912 n

    @Haazey Just saw the replies, sorry!
    I'm not really sure which model is considered good for liveries and has livery support and a template or w/e but y97y's one's good enough, and the livery looks great, thank you!
    I like both colours and I'm familiar with texture editing for liveries and all so even if I didn't I could just adjust them to my liking I suppose. I really like both though, I'd keep them as they are. Thanks again!

    23. duben 2022
  • Ccfeee 82406639 207916496902657 1018853954433318912 n

    Lovely livery, one of the best I've seen in fact. So sad it's for a vanilla car instead of a Skyline though. :|
    I'm gonna find the Skyline I like (NoHz's I think is my favorite) and see if it's got a template, then imma try to "port it over" I guess.

    20. duben 2022
  • Ccfeee 82406639 207916496902657 1018853954433318912 n

    Lastly, you say the lack of respect for someone else's effort is what is driving the decent creators to go behind paywalls, when the ones disrespected/having our intelligence insulted is us most of the time, not them. Take Razed with NVE as an example, lying to the community/changing his mind after saying he'll release it "soon" and "when it's ready" etc. and keeping it on Patreon for years, cause he loves how much money he's making off idiots paying every month (and usually for some small/insignificant updates).
    Sure, it's his work, beggars can't be choosers, but when you promise the community something then change your mind, you deserve having your shit leaked in my book for being disrespectful/greedy.

    13. duben 2022
  • Ccfeee 82406639 207916496902657 1018853954433318912 n

    To keep it short, it's like punishing the lawful instead of rewarding them, and achieving no other than the further promotion of unlawfulness.
    Have you seen how some bigger modders from Patreon come here and release for free their paid mods that have been leaked? It simultaneously stops the leakers from selling the leaks illegally and it gives the community here these mods so they won't have to get them from unreliable sources and such - which is a form of rewarding them.

    13. duben 2022
  • Ccfeee 82406639 207916496902657 1018853954433318912 n

    @CipherOG I believe you misunderstood me. I didn't phrase things very well too, it was a somewhat rushed post.

    I never said it's ok to leak things here or anything as such. But when something is like leaked everywhere EXCEPT for here due to people asking for it to be taken down HERE ONLY, it's only "hurting" the community here in a way by providing it with lower quality resources.

    It's like game companies who try to sell a singleplayer game that has already been cracked and all. A game that has no multiplayer or anything, so zero additional features compared to the cracked one. All you get is to know you aren't downloading a potential virus and/or that you support the creator. In a way, they're looking for fools/victims, and that's the part I don't like. Looking for people who either don't know how to get it for free or people afraid of getting malware and such and will pay when a lot of others got it for free.

    As about my previous post's example, I'll give another similar one:
    Let's assume you're someone who owns a gram of coke - for personal use, not for sale.
    And in the next block, there's a drug cartel selling lots of it on a daily basis.
    The police knows about both of you, but they go and arrest only you, while allowing the cartel to continue its operations unbothered. Because they know you can't defend yourself the way the gang will.

    Kind of like a bully picking on a weak person just because he can, and not stronger ones knowing they'd whoop his ass.

    13. duben 2022