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    @JRod hey dude jrod the AUTHOR, u really need to make the instructions more clearer and the title and descriptions less confusing to people. i was breaking my head until i found out the solution myself, which was ur instructions missed some major things in the readme file which is why many people here couldnt load the trees.

    1. first of all u have mods like forests of san andreas, forests of chiliad, forests of senora
    for a person who is new to modding they would quickly think, to have max vegetation they need to download all 3, except while i was going thru it , AT one point i discovered the ymap files were more in forests of san andreas, then i thought it may cover forests of chiliad and senora, then i went thru the description again and realized u mentioned there that it covers both. so i wasted long time thinking i had to download each to get all the trees, when in reality i just needed to download forests of san andreas.

    u shouild make this more simpler by making the following titles
    extra trees only for chiliad area
    extra trees only for senora area
    extra trees for complete map or extra trees for chiliad ,senora and rest of map

    2. in ur readme file, the following is what u mention, in the first 2 steps

    "-If you don't already have "custom_maps" folder then be sure to download it from here:

    -Copy all ".ymap" files from folder "Trees" using OpenIV to:

    no where in ur steps do u mention that the person needs to create a "custom maps" folder, or paste the "custom maps" downloaded folder, to "Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks"

    flaw in ur instructions right there, im a little more advanced user so i somehow discovered it from your next step, but most people wouldnt know without instrucuitons, thats why it does not work for them.

    3.last but not least and most crucial part, nowhere in ur readme have u even bothered to mention the most critical part that helps spawn the trees.
    which is adding the "<item>dlcpacks:/custom_maps/</item>" to the dlclist.xml file

    even i wasnt able to spawn for hours of trying, but since ive used many other mods before,i remembered this and searched and finally found someone telling to add "<item>dlcpacks:/custom_maps/</item>" to the dlclist.xml.

    that last one is a critical problem if u didnt mention it

    and what the hell is "car generators installation" and "Scenarios Installation" i could never understand what they meant, if they were necessary or optional.

    u never bothered to explain in your description

    everyone here just notice the things i typed here and the trees wll load without problems

    and for you @jrod you seriously need to update your mod instructions, thats whay many peiople are having issues coz of lack of precise instructions from you. good luck. please update ur readme

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    24. leden 2019
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    why is it that with the latest version of redux when i export the video i dont get any effects like re shade? can someone just confirm if this is incompatible with latest redux?

    14. září 2018