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  • Bugstars

    Really nice mod! The model looks great and the Viper itself is very good to use.
    The only problem i came across so far is that for some reason, as soon as i spawn in the heli, my textures start flashing black strings across the screen.
    This started happening since i installed the Open All Interiors mod and i think something between the two mods is in conflict and causes the flickering black strings to occur, but i think it's way too late for either a fix or a deeper look into the issue lol.
    Besides this minor inconvenience, everything else is perfect.

    12. červenec 2023
  • Bugstars

    I created an account specifically to comment here.
    First of all, i'd like to say that this mod is really good, in fact it's a shame it isn't getting updates anymore, because aside from building your base, looting, killing zombies or hostiles and rescuing survivors, there's pretty much no objective whatsoever.
    If anyone could recommend some mods to fix this issue, i'd be thankful.
    I've got only two issues with the mod itself, with the first one being the bodyguards breaking (can't interact with or give orders/not responding to said orders) when you restart the game and essentially becoming useless, while the second is the inability to delete existing peds or vehicles.
    I would also love a fix for this, if there is any.
    3 stars just because of these few problems and the fact the mod was abandoned, otherwise it would've been a 5 stars easily.

    03. červenec 2023