Holster Animation Mod - make your weapons holster like the double action revolver (.META edit) 1.0


Hey all- I figured out this little meta trick the other day and thought I'd share--

This simple meta edit will make your other weapons have the same holstering animation as the double action revolver. (where you spin the gun before putting it away)

I am only including detailed instructions so you can edit your own meta files- this is because most people have edited weapons metas and my own is extremely customized and would only work for people with the same mods as me. If there is enough interest I can make a vanilla meta edit pretty quickly, but honestly, vanilla GTA gun play mechanics are really bad and I don't know why anyone who's modding wouldn't install some kind of weapon mod. Making this edit yourself should only take a couple minutes.

At the moment this only works for the vanilla weapons-- when I tried to do it for dlc weapons it was missing the 'in combat' holster animation and would cause the character to hang when I tried to unholster in combat. Just a note: your character only spins the gun when out of combat, and does a less flashy animation (but still something cooler than the default animation) while in combat. You can apply the edit to any of the weapons, but it may look a little strange on certain 2-handed weapons. I just did it for my pistols, 1-handed smgs and some melee weapons like the knife. Check the video to see it in action. The holsters and visible weapons are part of another mod (Pickups). I will likely release my custom config for that mod at some point soon.

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