Glowing Brake Discs 1.1.0


Glowing Brake Discs
We high performance GT cars now.

You need to have ScriptHookVDotNet v3.0.2 or newer.
Drop the entire GlowingBrakes folder into the scripts folder.


To customize global defaults, open and edit defaultConfig.xml in the Configs folder.

To customize a specific car model, create a new xml file in the Configs folder. There is an example.xml with comments, that you can use as template.

(Technical) details

By default, all cars have glowing brake discs on all four wheels. Cars can be blacklisted if they should never have glowing brake discs.

For each car, it's possible to:
  • specify which wheels can glow and which can not
  • correct the rotation, size and position of the effect
  • choose between if Particle FX or Marker is used for the effect
  • change how fast the brakes heat up and cool down
  • balance the heating ratios between front and back

The script uses data for each individual wheel to determine how much to heat up and cool down. Things that affect this are:

  • wheel speed
  • wheel brake pressure
  • deceleration rate

For example, if the car constantly brakes in a left corner, leaning mostly on its front right wheel, that brake disc will glow red hot and the rear wheel(s) may stay dark. Conversely, if the handbrake is yanked very often, the rear brake discs start glowing red, and the fronts will stay cool.

To perfectly align the brake disc effects with the brake disc model, the debug option in settings.xml can be enabled, which makes the brake discs always glow at the max brightness.

Since the script affects all cars in the world and not just the player car, the draw distance can be changed for better performance or for more cars being affected.

Finally, a technical detail, the script tries to find the correct offsets to retrieve the wheel data. If for some reason an update breaks the offset finding, settings.xml can be used to manually specify the correct offsets.

Only cars with 4 wheels are supported, because I use the wheel_lf/rf/lr/rr bones. If you know a nice scaleable way for the middle wheel bones, feel free to make a PR or explain it to me.

Source code is on GitHub, as usual.


Add override for rear wheels offset and size: Check the Bifta config for setting it up
Add player-only option
Use distance-squared for performance (Thanks LeeC for the tip!)
Update to SHVDN v3 API

First release
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