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  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    What the heck, mods never block anything.

    22 hours ago
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    This is NOT a map model.

    před jedním dnem
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    Judging by your posting history, you seem to have issues with installing mods in general. The cause of your issues are probably related to that :)

    před 2 dny
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    Hmmm, I think it's just part of using particle effects.

    Not sure if this also happens in the export, or just happens inside the editor.

    před 2 dny
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21


    Looks like something went wrong during your actual file upload. You can reupload it on this mod page.

    před 3 dny
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    You can disable those buttons in the controller settings.

    Odd, you could try the WheelSetup.exe tool to check what's happening and maybe also assign them there.

    Actually still do.


    Wait for ScriptHook to update.

    Assign wheel->keyboard bindings in WheelToKey. If you wanted the other way around, not possible, but why?

    před 4 dny
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    Your game doesn't come with the vehicles then. Try updating your game or fixing your dlclist.xml.

    You can modify popcycle cars or use something like Eddlm's Lively World to spawn your vehicles in.

    Put a .jpg or .png file with the vehicle spawn name (elegy.png, for example) in the AddonSpawner/img folder.

    vehicles.meta and their language files. There are guides around the forums.

    The spawner should work for any number of cars. You're probably running into packfile issues. Consider combining your DLC. There's guides on the web and forums.

    před 4 dny
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    In Configs/defaultConfig.xml you can reduce the HeatRate to something more realistic. It takes some experimentation to get your result, but you can reload the script from ScriptHookVDotNet (see its documentation on how to).

    Might be drawing too many Ptfx, I've got to somehow limit this. As workaround you can try disabling traffic or lowering your drawing distance.

    před 4 dny
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    Second and last warning. Deleted all your links too.

    před 6 dny
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    The "SAT Factor" might be a bit high, so try reducing that. The script also reads the max steering lock angles from the handling, so make sure you're not using some insane lock handling. It's also possible to reduce the steering lock dynamically.

    Does it move normally? FFB might be (partially?) disabled due to some bug. I got reports the G920 should be working with ScriptHookVDotNet, but it could also differ case-by-case. Try playing without ScriptHookVDotNet.

    A workaround to use both SHVDN and get FFB on the G920 is to use RagePluginHook to launch the game.

    23. březen 2020