Silencer - RPH Plugin (Attach / remove a silencer with ease) 0.6



Knight Industries in cooperation with the City of Los Santos proudly present:

Product Name: Knight Industries Silencer
Optimized for: Law Enforcement use / Hunting

This plugin will allow you to attach a silencer to the weapon you have currently selected.
If your weapon already has a silencer attached it will be removed.
GTA will also make a little animation for attaching and removing said attachment.

If the weapon has no silencer by default (not all guns have this) simply nothing will happen.
Also only the current selected weapon using the weapon wheel will be affected, this adds some realism to it.

Default Key to use is: LShift + F10 (Controller: DPadLeft)
You can customize this with the included KISilencer.ini (Settings file).

Simply add the Plugins folder to your GTA directory.
Then start the game via RagePluginHook.

- 0.1: Initial release
- 0.2: Added Readme and code cleanup
- 0.3: added: missing check for if player has no weapon equipped at all that would otherwise cause a plugin crash
- 0.4: added: fix for some crashes on startup and while use
fixed: Updater system to report when plugin is out-of-date.
- 0.5: added: controller support. Default Key is DPadRight (changeable in the settings file)
- 0.6: fixed: controller support. Default Key is DPadLeft (changeable in the settings file)
fixed: extensive crashes while using the mod via controller
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