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  • Michael2

    Leonida plates when?

    07. prosinec 2023
  • Michael2

    @Alex106 I cant install that, when I do all my grasses get buggy textures. I only need to know the name of the file that is causing the changes to the Maze Bank West Office.

    17. září 2023
  • Michael2

    @Alex106 Could be I had issues with it before, in fact I had to remove one file from NVE folder, but now I think it is your mod that is cousin the problem because when I remove entire NVE folder issue is still there, but when I remove sp and mpmapfixes folders Maze Bank West exterior is looking good.

    16. září 2023
  • Michael2

    Is there a code in your script that specifically indicates that all vehicle that spawn with your mod must have regular cop plates? Can you please add a option to toggle that off?

    14. září 2023
  • Michael2

    Hey I have a problem with Maze Bank at the Del Piero, textures are buggy there, but when I remove Map Fixes mod it is how it should be. Can you tell me where in your mod is located the file that changes that?

    13. září 2023
  • Michael2

    @Alex106 I have many map mods, such as V Remastered and north and south forests of san andreas by the same author, also NVE and modified LA Roads to not conflict with the NVE. I am also of course using your Map Fixes mod and version 14.2 worked perfectly fine with all map mods mentioned above...

    11. září 2023
  • Michael2

    Since your latest update, Michael is falling through the map as soon as his reaches courtyard

    09. září 2023
  • Michael2

    @Double_Z look where is vheshare.ytd file, and why there isnt new version, august 11th was nearly 3 weeks ago...

    30. srpen 2023
  • Michael2

    Can you remove little + from the blip on the radar, also remove THE from The Vinewood Car Club, it should be labeled as Vinewood Car Club, and please make blip icon of your mod not appear all the time on radar like it is mission or something that important.

    30. červen 2023
  • Michael2

    @ikON It is actually neons2.rpf

    28. červen 2023