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    @Zemanez, the controller I'm using is also Xbox 360. This is the only mod so far that I haven't been able to remap the toggle buttons. I think it's because they are usually CONFIG file type but the one on yours is .XML

    The default controller keybind is frustrating as "RB + Y" causes my player to exit vehicles whenever I bring up the menu. If the issue can't be fixed can you change the default menu toggle to "RB + X" or something similar?


    10. říjen 2021
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    @Zemanez, the controller works, I just can't change the buttons used.

    07. říjen 2021
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    I've been trying to change the controller hotkey from 'RB + Y' to 'RB + X' with the "ent-config.xml" but nothing I change according to works, it still sticks to the same hotkeys

    <controller function="KEY_TOGGLE_MAIN_MENU" button1="206" button2="192"/>

    07. říjen 2021