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    There isn't a central place for changelogs I'm afraid. The changelog is also in the download zip for each version.

    Honestly stumped why this happening. Only other thing I could suggest is verifying your game install and only loading ENT if you co-load with other mods.

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    Can't recreate it on my end (Keyboard, 360 and Xbone pad - all work). I'd suggest rebinding the left key and seeing if that makes a difference although it sounds like you've tried that already.

    Alternative is to rename ENT's db and seeing if that helps as it could be an option causing it to crash. You can find ENT's DB by typing: %appdata%\GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer into a file explorer url bar, renaming ENT.db and relaunching GTA.

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    If you check the scripthook log file (in the main GTA folder) - is ENT actually being loaded? ENT will make a log file (or append to an existing one) every time it is loaded by the game regardless if it crashes during start up etc (making a log is one of the first things it does).

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    Sorry for the late reply. It's literally loading ENT up in GTA (i.e have it in your GTA folder along with the scripthook and launch GTA).

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    It's created when you load ENT up so it's not part of the download.

    29. březen 2021
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    Not to my knowledge as that's NPC behaviour related. I don't think NPCs even have this ability anymore (they did in SA etc but 4 onwards it seems to have been removed). Even Bodyguards just teleport to you unless you spawn an "owned" vehicle, which they'll get into instead but this has a hard limit on the amount of "friendly" NPCs you can have around you.

    When you open a category, ENT searches for the vehicle labels in memory and creates a list of vehicles (with their proper names). On slow PCs this can take a few seconds to do (depending on how many vehicles it has to find labels for).

    My mistake it's .txt. The full file name is "ent - log.txt" and it's in the Enhanced Native Trainer folder inside your GTA install folder.

    That's not something we can do as that's a behaviour trait R* made for aggressive NPCs.

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    Type: %appdata%\GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer into a file explorer address bar and rename ent.db to something else. Relaunch ENT so it makes a new DB.

    29. březen 2021
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    ENT has a prop spawning system, but implementing something like Spooner is out with the scope of ENT. It's best to just co-load ENT and Menyoo so you have both options available (which is something I do).

    Can you check the ent-log.log file to see if it's actually spitting out any errors? That key worked fine for me so I don't see why it wouldn't be working on your end.

    26. březen 2021
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    R* developed clothes to be models which take up slots or "component slots". For a lot of clothes, specific bodies have to be equipped (i.e invisible torsos) to prevent clipping. You can change the model clothes by changing their texture/components per slot which is an option in ENT and should be under the model changing submenu.

    ENT will only show you components available for that model so if your game is not updated - you're stuck with whatever clothes were available around that update.

    24. březen 2021
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    Enhanced Native Trainer: Update 47.4

    • Added support for GTA 1.54. This also fixes the despawning vehicle issue.

    Contributions wholly thanks to @Slash_Alex:
    • Added a 'Car Thief' feature under the 'Vehicles' menu. It's not that easy to steal a vehicle now.
    • Added a 'No Notifications' option under the 'Misc / HUD Settings' menu. It fully disables notifications above the radar.

    • Improved the 'Max Wanted Level' option a bit.

    • Fixed a bug in the 'Vehicle Extra Power (Hold Key)' hotkey. It didn't work properly
    • Fixed a tiny bug in the 'Disable Despawn Of DLC Vehicles' option
    • Fixed a bug in the 'Hide Fuel Bar In First Person Mode' option. It didn't work properly for bikes
    • Fixed a nasty bug in the 'Idle Consumption' option under the 'Fuel Consumption' menu. You wouldn't start the engine in some cases after refueling

    Known Bugs:-
    • Some of the weapon tints (namely MK1 tints) use the incorrect name in ENT. This is a side effect of using the in-game names.

    24. březen 2021
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    ENT dynamically makes the vehicle spawn list by pulling the vehicles out of the entity pool in memory. It usually does this during the loading screen but other mods can stop it prematurely which is what you're seeing. I'd recommend restarting GTA and seeing if it keeps happening, and if it does try loading _only_ ENT and seeing if it still happens.

    We need to update the game version check ENT does which is why the global isn't working at the moment. It shouldn't be crashing you however as it's just killing the shop_controller script.

    dotnetbrowser isn't related to ENT so that sounds like a different crash dump. Sounds like ENT didn't make a dump so the scripthook killed ENT before a dump could be made.

    No idea what ENT.dll is however. If you're in the ENT folder it should have ent.db, not dll. One thing you could try is renaming that DB and relaunching GTA and seeing if the crashes still happen.

    22. březen 2021