Vulcar Nebula (stock Nebula Turbo) [Add-On | Tuning | Liveries | Template | Sounds] v1.2


Vulcar Nebula by Monkeypolice188
Stock variant of the Vulcar Nebula, with all after-market parts made into customization options. Includes several new customization parts, as well as aesthetical changes such as interior edits and badging, wheel changes and foglamp functionality. Changes to handling behavior and audio changes have also been made.

Includes all original customization parts, plus new parts using after-market assets. The vehicle comes with 4 new liveries which can appear in traffic, alongside several new color combinations.

---- Features ----
- LODs.
- Dirt mapping.
- Breakable glass and glass shards.
- Tuning.
- Liveries (template included in the archive).

ATTENTION: This mod requires The Los Santos Tuners update (1.54) to work.

---- Change Log ----
v1.2 (6 June 2023):
- Updated modkit ID to prevent conflicts with current DLC vehicles.

v1.1 (20 October, 2021):
2 Year Anniversary Update!

This update was made in response to several people's suggestions and feedback on the original release, in which concern was brought over the lack of original customization.
- Restored all original customization options.
- Several new customization options added.
- Fixed several issues with foglight functionality.
- Changes to the engine sound.
- Various minor audio changes including horn sounds and tuned engine sounds (exhaust pops, turbo/dump valve and air intake sounds).
- Several changes to the handling behavior.

v1 (22 October 2019):
Initial release.

---- Installation ----
1.a.i. If using OpenIV, select Grand Theft Auto V and enable "Edit mode"
1.a.ii. Navigate to the "update" folder, right click on "update.rpf" , and select "copy to Mods folder".
1.a.iii. In the mods folder, create a new folder called "x64", and then inside that, "dlcpacks".

1.b.i. If using CodeWalker, use the RPF Explorer and enable "Edit mode".
1.b.ii. Create a "mods" folder in the Grand Theft Auto V directory, and copy over "update.rpf" into the mods folder (you may need to do this through Windows Explorer)
1.b.iii. In the mods folder, create a new folder called "x64", and then inside that, "dlcpacks".

2. Copy the 'nebula2' folder found within the downloaded .rar archive into the "dlcpacks" folder in your mods folder.
3. Navigate to 'dlclist.xml' in update\update.rpf\common\data\ in your mods folder.
4. Add "<Item>dlcpacks:\nebula2\</Item>" to the bottom of the list within dlclist.xml.
5. If done correctly, the mod should be ready to use.

The vehicle will serve as an add-on, model name "nebula2".

---- Credits ----
- Rockstar Games - original model.
- TheSecretPower - Black bonnet power stripe livery.

---- Support & Appreciation ----
For additional support and information on my modifications:
- Monkeypolice188's mod spreadsheet - (contains a list of my available modifications, vehicles, and information on what carcols' IDs my mods use and what colours liveries should pair with)

- My work is free, and always will be. However, if you want to show appreciation, please consider becoming a Patron of mine. Patrons may get insight into my next releases, updates, guides and more.

- Alternatively, donations are welcome. You can make donations through my PayPal.

---- Contact ----
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any issues:
- Forums
- Discord: Monky#5204

For insight on my latest projects, updates and more, please consider joining my Discord server; Monky's Server.

---- Disclaimers & More----
Do not modify or re-upload without credit to the original author(s). You are free to use this mod in your FiveM server as long as appropriate credits are given (contact me if you have any questions).

You are free to use assets from this mod, as long as credit is given to the original authors.
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