Realistic Traction Overhaul [All Surfaces] 1.7


Version 1.0 Makes minor changes to the grip scale of loose terrain and adds a notepad of the changes made to hard terrain in case people want to combine this with my mud mod or another mod that uses the same file. I may merge the two mods in the future but for right now the grip scale is slightly different.

Version 1.5 Adds a readme, a backup, and an even lower level of traction to choose from if you want even less road grip. Also tire smoke has also been slightly increased in accordance with other changes.

Version 1.7 Simplifies the contents of the download to prevent people from accidently using the wrong grip level. Grip levels are clearly labeled now, there is 20% less and 30% less road grip to choose from.

In the pursuit of more realistic handling I was never able to use handling.meta to make vehicles slide to a stop without the assistance of the handbrake.
After messing with materials.dat I found that this could be solved with no handling changes at all by simply decreasing surface traction to more realistic levels. As you can see this mod slightly decreases the grip level of all drivable surfaces and comes with a matching wheelfx.dat (for accurate tire mark length) to give you a more challenging and realistic driving experience plus the realistic feeling of sliding to a stop when you slam the brakes.

This DOES affect driving but not in a manner that ruins playability of the game. Vehicles are still very much under control at high and low speeds and this makes the game drive like something in between GTAIV and GTAV in terms of grip and braking.
This mod works perfectly with vanilla handling and truly brings out the individual driving characteristics of each car.
Average Cars will not corner or stop nearly as well as expensive or sporty cars do. When compared to other vehicles you will gain a true appreciation for the superior braking and cornering of Super Cars.
Most muscle cars are able to perform tire shredding burnouts but it takes a skilled driver to keep them on the road at high speeds.
Likewise most Off Road vehicles won't hug the road very well but they will be more useful than ever now that all loose terrains have more realistic grip and drag levels. The sand and mud are from setting one of my mud mod and the grip on grass was only altered enough to stay on par with other terrain grip levels.

Using this mod with IKT's inverse power script makes drifting awesome, the Futo in the screen shots had stock handling and drifting was a ton of fun. Get Inverse Power here:

Some credit goes to mxt333 because his tire smoke mod gave me the idea and AleWheel for helping me understand tire smoke and decal values.
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