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  • D21c6a growing stronger

    .... It was a cheap model?

    10. únor 2020
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    I appreciate the job, but its very dirty. Is it your first scratch made model?
    If so, its understandable. But, still...

    Please follow Monkeypolice188's and 13Stewartc bug reports, the idea is very nice, but it is not well executed.

    Design is on point, though!

    09. únor 2020
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    @BenMcCall Which one of the three that are on 5mods?

    28. leden 2020
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    Yeah. Now we just need more tracks for them.

    24. leden 2020
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    Did you check your DMs?

    03. prosinec 2019
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    Hey! Really nice truck. The two extra doors don't actually hold passengers though, at least on the add-on.
    The add-on dlcpack is broken, crashes the game on loading. I have fixed it, there are broken references and incorrectly added files. If you want I can send the fix as soon as you are online.

    02. prosinec 2019
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    @Amerem I'm the one that did the handling and have specifically downloaded this mod again to address the issues you mention. You're definitely not experiencing the patriotc handling, as the inertia on this thing is quite high, in fact I had to lower it from standard.

    Are you using it on FiveM? If so, take the time to test in on SP and confirm the same is true for SP.
    Deformation is definitely standard V levels, but you can exaggerate it editing damageMapScale in vehicles.meta.

    19. říjen 2019
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    @slayer72 danistheman is right. Its an additional mission pack for an existing mod, so you download both. I don't see you complaining to have to download scripthook separately so trainers work in your game.

    Great work, by the way!

    05. říjen 2019
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    @Adamo589 I've extensively tested withg RD and they did a good job, though some tracks are not well designed and AI struggles to keep stability. The animation bug I just became aware, will fix.

    01. říjen 2019
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    @TheMurderousCricket Thanks for the lenghty and detailed feedback! That's what helps.
    If I manage to continue developing it, yeah, it will probably get some more customization, more power to the user regarding prizes and editor tools.

    My focus is still on the AI though, as that's my passion and the script doesn't feel enjoyable without that concept satisfied. At the moment i'm working on better racing lines for them.

    01. říjen 2019