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Keep your vehicles in pristine condition as you traverse the streets of Los Santos. Say goodbye to the hustle of finding repair shops and car washes. With Clean & Repair Anywhere, you can repair and wash your vehicle anywhere, anytime.

Vehicle Repair: At the press of a button, repair your vehicle and get back on the road in no time. (Button by default is set to the ContextKey - Default key is '{E}' unless you have bound it to something else).
Vehicle Washing: Keep your car sparkling clean wherever you go with the easy-to-use wash function. (Button by default is set to the VehicleHeadlightKey - Default key is '{H}' unless you have bound it to something else).
Real-Time Animation: Enjoy immersive animations for both repair and cleaning actions, adding a touch of realism to your gameplay.
INI file to adjust settings like refuelling on repair and time it takes to repair/wash vehicle.

To install "Clean & Repair Anywhere," simply drag and drop "CleanAndRepairAnywhere.dll," "CleanAndRepairAnywhere.ini," and the "CARA Audio" folder into your 'scripts' folder located within the GTA V main directory. If the folder doesn't exist, create one.

Before you dive in, make sure to have the following installed.


No known bugs.

Reupload as it somehow bugged out on the previous one, i believe its because i deleted older versions.

1. New Sound Effect:
- Added an option in CleanAndRepairAnywhere.ini for enabling/disabling a cleaning sound effect.
- Included a new folder with the corresponding .wav file; place it in the scripts folder.
You are able to change the Cleaning.wav if you find a better one just name it the same.
- You are all advised to go into the 'CARA Audio' folder and rename ;).wav to Cleaning.wav and then rename the original Cleaning.wav to something else.
adjust WashDuration to 13000 for this .wav like so - WashDuration = 13000
You can all thank Peter Badoingy for finding and creating this .wav :L

2. Visual Enhancements:
- Introduced new objects for a more immersive experience.
- Added a Spanner object for the repairing process.
- Included a Rag object for the cleaning process.

3. Customization Options:
- Expanded configuration options in CleanAndRepairAnywhere.ini:
- You can now define the position and rotation of Repairing and Cleaning Objects.
- Fine-tune their placement to your liking.
(I've made it as close as I have the patience for, I was struggling with the rotation for the spanner.
If I happen to figure out the exact settings first, I'll implement them.
Alternatively, if you or someone else discovers the precise settings before me,
please let me know and I'll incorporate them).

4. Blood Stain Removal:
- Enhanced cleaning functionality to remove blood stains effectively.

5. Bug Fixes:
- Implemented various fixes to improve overall functionality.

1. Customizable Interaction Distance: You can now adjust the distance at which you can repair or clean a vehicle.

2. Repair Body Damage Option: Added an option to control whether the script repairs both the vehicle's engine health and physical body damage (such as dents and broken windows) during the repair process. Setting this option to 'True' will repair both, while setting it to 'False' will only restore the vehicle's engine health, leaving body damage unchanged.

3. Customizable Repair and Clean Controls: You can now specify your preferred repair and clean controls using the Control Enum corresponding to your key binds. To find the Control Enums for your key binds, refer to this link: For example, you can set your repair control to 'Context' and your clean control to 'VehicleHeadlight.' These controls will adapt to your key bindings, making it easy to use the script with your preferred keys.

Example Configuration:
RepairEnumControl = Context
CleanEnumControl = VehicleHeadlight

All instructions and links can also be found in CleanAndRepairAnywhere.ini

1. You will now cancel the animation and repair/clean process if you enter the vehicle while
2. Added new options to CleanAndRepairAnywhere.ini:

; Repair duration in milliseconds (Default is 20 seconds).
RepairDuration = 20000

; Wash duration in milliseconds (Default is 20 seconds).
WashDuration = 20000

; Set to 'true' to refuel the vehicle to 100% when repairing, 'false' to retain the current fuel level.
RefuelWhenRepairing = false

; Set to 'true' to allow repairing on destroyed vehicles, 'false' to disable it.
AllowRepairOnDestroyedVehicles = false

; Set to 'true' to require the engine to be off for repairing, 'false' to allow repairing with the engine on.
RepairsRequireEngineOff = true

; Set to 'true' to require the engine to be off for cleaning, 'false' to allow cleaning with the engine on.
CleaningRequireEngineOff = false

The dll & Ini was just renamed to remove spaces.
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