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This mod brings back the loved Vigilante missions from GTA:San Andreas (and others). In a similar way, you will have to chase around suspects and 'neutralise' them.
The difficulty climbs as you progress through the levels! As does the pay too, so you can gain some side-cash!
To use this mod, just get in any police vehicle (this includes military vehicles too!) and press 2 to start the missions and follow the onscreen instructions. Press 2 at any time to cancel the current mission. Note that you can't use the police maverick since it will collide with other mods.
You have 3 minutes to start the chase, after that there's no limit. To start the chase, either start shooting the criminals, or approach them with the siren on.

Note: if you have trouble getting the enemies load, try to restart the missions. If that doesn't help, press Insert to reload the mod.

  1. Make sure you have both the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x64) installed.
  2. Download and install Script Hook V (including the ASI loader).
  3. Download the latest Script Hook V .NET from github and copy the ASI into your game folder.
  4. Extract the provided Vigilante.dll to /Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/
    If that folder does not exists, make one.

Known Issues
Please leave a comment on the page if you encounter any.
--Compatibility for ScriptHookVDotNet 2.9.6
--Compatibility for ScriptHookVDotNet 1.0
--You cannot start the missions with a wanted level.
--Removed the timer
--Peds now properly travel in convoys.
--Added a lot of vehicles for criminals.
--Random vehicle colors for criminals.
--Criminal accuracy scales with level.
--Latest experimental ScriptHookDotNet support, please update.
--ScriptHookDotNet 0.9 support.
--ScriptHookDotNet 0.8 support.
--Criminals drive slowly at first, then speed up when you spook them (shoot or activate the siren)
--changed the timer ticking until level completion to chase start.
--Multiple enemies now spawn in convoys.
--(Probably) fixed the no carspawning error.
--Initial Release.

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