Grove Street Garage Upgrades - (Add-on and Map Editor part) v2.3


** Update v2.3 is HERE!! **

***** To fix the draw distance for the interior, while in the game, press F7 to open the Map Editor menu, go to the draw distance option and increase that number, I set mine to 2000 which is probably too much but it works, then exit out of the menu, then I closed down GTA V and restarted it. **

My first mod, this is a Work In Progress.

You now have access to your helipad, parking lot with custom gate, and seamless access to the new garage interior with custom tuned door. It's a BIG empty space! Good phase right now for someone that wants to add their own stuff to the inside. There are a few small things I'm going to continue to work on like the garage door doesn't close all the way, don't know why yet. Plus I'm going to do some decorating. Maybe divide it up with an office and other areas.

Some known bugs:
- I found a new issue while testing using vehicle persistence mod to save cars inside the garage. When you leave the garage, they will teleport outside in the drainage ditch next to the building. I found if I did not move them from there and did other stuff, the next time I loaded the game, they were inside the garage.
- I'm working to fix the issue with the walls not showing up until you are closer to them.
- Working on garage door not closing all the way.
- Working on why some of the outside vanilla windows appear at night time. I thought I removed all I needed to, but obviously not.
- I don't know why the wall and two lights around the front door are not showing up now on my game. Was fine earlier today and I did not change that area.

**** Anyone that knows how to fix any of the above issues, please let me know what to do. I am searching myself but coming up empty. ****

** If you do not want to load the interior and make your own from a clean slate, just do not install the associated .xml file. Or you can edit that basic file in Map Editor and make it your own custom space. **

**** New Pictures with Text Added showing how to customize the gate behavior **** Most current settings shown in the pics are to be in the next update v2.3 ****

Zip contains really detailed instructions so please read them, all files needed that I modified, a custom_maps folder if you don't already have one,
The gate does act up at some times, especially if you are messing with it a bunch like I was during testing. If you are in a vehicle and it doesn't open when you are in the activation area for a few seconds, I found that just left clicking on my mouse makes it open. It actually behaves that way more often than not. If you are on foot and it doesn't open, just bump into it. Same with closing, sometimes it will stick open if you let it open all the way. Just bump it on foot or left click while in a vehicle to close it. Peds can still manually open it if a lot of people are running into it trying to get to you and you are standing in the direction it opens. I'm working on that stuff some, but for now, just don't stand there ... or start killing people.
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