GTA Online Graphical Enchancement Project 1.2.1


I've been working on re-texturing and mildly editing basic 3D models throughout Grand Theft Auto Online. This version focuses on both current high-end apartment interiors and the single high-end Garage interior.

Modifications have been made to the slightest detail, overall maximizing quality rather than quantity of work. Unlike some other interior modifications, only high resolution textures are used, mip-mapped and bump-mapped to show its 3D properties rather than simply a blurred image.

GPU Compatibility Information:


◘ Tested on GeForce GTX 960, 970, 980
◘ GPU's lower than 750ti could suffer from a performance decrease in the modified areas as a direct result of using this enhancement modification.


◘ Tested on R7 & R9 Series
◘ GPU's lower than R7 series cards could suffer from a performance decrease in the modified areas as a direct result of using this enhancement modification.

Please follow the file path in the archive and then replace the RPF's inside the DLC RPF in order to load the modified interiors. Use Open IV's 'mods' folder function instead of replacing your original files.

Don't know how to use Open IV's 'Mods' folder function? It is essential you visit here - this will allow you to continue playing with other people, provided you have the latest script hook bypassed for Online access.

Please report crashes, lag and freezing in the comments section, with details about where it happened and your GPU and CPU spec so I can investigate the fault. This isn't a simple .YTD change in OpenIV so this kind of modification is still an experiment and faults are bound to occur at this stage.

This does not add, endorse or promote "cheating" online and is strictly a client-side based graphical modification to enhance your visual experience within the game world.

WARNING: Grand Theft Auto Online punishment (bans, suspension and account disabled) risk is on or around 5%, this is barley anything compared to using a "mod menu" which can be as high as 55% punishment risk while using them. 3D re-modelling and re-texturing is not seen as an un-fair advantage against other in-game players and is strictly client-sided.

Parallax Occlusion (3D bumps and foot movement) on my carpet textures doesn't work with some GPU's or if the user has customized certain settings on their NVIDIA or AMD control panel - if you don't mind the slightly lower quality carpets, there is no need to do anything further.

Please feel free to leave feedback and ideas for future updates, in addition to any quality or performance issues you've noticed while using this modification. Improvements and updates to Section A will be made over the week.

Version Notes:

1.0 - ◘ Modifications to both High-End Apartment Interiors and High-End Garage with increased lighting, improved texturing and enhanced realism.

◘ Fixed a Rockstar-based fault causing some textures to render at a lower resolution in the modified interiors due to a rendering throttle on some GPU's set by Rockstar Games.

1.2 - ◘ Further upgraded original High-End Apartment Interior.
◘ Small aesthetic improvements.

1.2.1 - ◘ More detailed ReadMe.txt added with updated author information upon request of ownership verification information.

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