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  • D21c6a growing stronger

    @Zerdical Do you mean in general, or specific cars like the Turismo? For example, I am aware the Turismo and Cheetah feel heavier than they should, I will fix it in the next update.

    But what about the Schafter GTR, the Typhoon, Coquette, Sultan S, Futo Hatch, etc, do they also feel heavier than they should be? Is there any car that does feel proper in the weight department? To have a reference.

    před 4 dny
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    Remember this is an early work in progress. Right now, the most noticeable changes are suspension and grip behavior, with smaller edits here and there.

    I will continue working on the pack in the coming weeks, I encourage you to download it now and give me feedback on how the cars feel. Anything that should be improved, grip, brakepower, suspension, bodyroll, for any vehicle.

    Just let me know.

    před 5 dny
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    For a future update I would tuck the wheels in, as others have said. After all the fixes its pretty great regardless. Also, headlights' texture seems pretty 2D, i think a 3D model would be much better there. Or a better texture.

    08. únor 2019
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    Man, this was so much needed in the game. If only for the traffic variety, wonder if it will work with bus driver scripts?

    05. únor 2019
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    You'll get there, I'm sure. Remember there's a lot of communities out there to help you. both 5mods and Vanillaworks have specific discord servers and channels for helping a fellow modder out.

    23. leden 2019
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    You did a really great job with it! But I think it would work better if you put all the pieces in the stock model, instead of using them as extras. The car feels naked without the new modelling, so there's no point in using it without all of them enabled.

    Also you should move the wheels to the wide arches' position. I assume you did that with vstancer, but we should not need an external tool for it. Can be done natively.

    23. leden 2019
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    My most sincere congratulations stewart, this is actually up to standards, from the tecnical side at least. LODs, custom tuning names, usage of the new nitro, custom tuning performance... Very nice job.

    Showcase pictures could be better, I can help with that if you want.

    16. leden 2019
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    @FreedomsFlame Sadly my style is more of a coherent arcade than realistic. I mostly work on suspension behavior rather than top speed, acceleration etc. Those usually are left as the original, or just edited to feel coherent. Not realistic.

    02. leden 2019
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    Yay, working breaking glass!

    29. prosinec 2018
  • D21c6a growing stronger

    This is halal.

    27. prosinec 2018